HELP!! Totally MM or Neverfull MM in Azur

  1. I really want an Azur tote for summer and I'm torn between these two. The funny part is I already have a mono Totally and an Ebene Neverful and I love both styles for different reasons so I'm not sure which one I would rather have two of. Of course I like the price better on the Neverful and the fact that it looks more like a summer tote to me, but the Totally is such a nice bag, possibly the perfect tote in my mind with all the pockets and zip closure... what to do???
  2. I just went through the same thing! I already own neverfull ebene MM and love it but really wanted the azur for spring/summer. I just couldn't decide if I wanted it in totally pm or never full pm (I wanted the smaller size for variety). I ended up getting totally azur pm last week and I love it! I love the pockets on the outside too! Since you already have both in different patterns you will love whichever you choose! You can't go wrong either way! :smile:
  3. I had the neverfull mono GM and ended up giving it to Mom, and purchased the neverfull azur GM and cannot wait to use it as my summer bag - it's PERFECT!
  4. Thanks! I do think the neverful azur looks like the perfect summer bag.... but I just love my totally so I'm torn. I should probably stick with my first instinct and get the neverful, but the totally looks great in azur. Ahhh, I'm driving myself crazy, lol!
  5. I love bags with zippers, so totally gets my vote. But have you looked at the other azur bag styles? Any of those catch you as well?
  6. I am just like you... have ebene nf MM and mono totally MM. I love both bags, but of the two, I would pick totally over nf. I would get a azur totally MM if I don't already have azur Saleya PM and azur Speedy 25.
  7. Get both! I love both and can't decide also :lol:
  8. Perhaps go for a different size in either bag that you have. Totally GM or Neverfull GM - personally l would go for the Totally - l just returned my Neverfull GM because the vachetta was to flimsy - l just knew it want going to be a durable bag for me. Totally looks so much better quality IMO
  9. Totally
  10. Neverfull MM in Azur!!!
  11. Totally... I just got my Totally MM and love her she is very practical and easy to carry!
    Good Luck Deciding
  12. for a summer tote, i vote for the neverfull azur.
  13. Hmm, why dont you get the Totally PM azur for variety? ;)
  14. Have you considered the Galliera? It's stunning in Azur. Of the 2 you mentioned, I'd pick the Totally MM over the NF.
  15. Totally! I have the azur pm and absolutely love it. :heart:
    Its a good size for me and the straps are great. Id also love the NF but the tiny straps was what stopped me from purchasing it. Good luck with your choice.