Help: Totally MM Ebene or Neverfull MM Ebene


Sep 8, 2011
Will be visiting LV next week & can't decide which one

I love my neverfull mono & had been wanting the ebene version originally but the cracking issues put me off. Now that it will be discontinued, I am thinking on adding this to my collection.

However, Totally MM ebene is also on my radar due to the zipper option & side pockets

Help will be much appreciated



Nov 17, 2013
The old versions are pretty hard to come by but the new Neo (with the pouch) is available. So... no rush unless you absolutely have to have the original model.


Mar 25, 2013
I've never been a fan of Neverfulls. The straps are too narrow to be comfortable if you carry a lot. It's a big open hole with no security. I'd never feel comfortable carrying it while traveling. There is only one pocket. And finally I've never liked the shape of them (cinched or uncinched) nor do I like the leather strips hanging there to cinch it.
As for the's my favorite LV bag. The straps are wider so heavy loads are comfortable. ("Heavy load" describes my bags :smile: it has 3 large pockets inside as well as the 2 outside pockets making it perfect to stay organized. The top zipper is so nice to have. The craziest thing about the Totally is how it molds to your body when you wear it. Ive never had a bag like it. I have the Mono and DA and the DE is the next bag on my list. This is all just my personal opinion but the only positive thing I can think of regarding the Neverfull is that it's cheaper than the Totally.


Oct 8, 2006
Neverfull for sure:smile: I've had mine for a few years and it's the best all weather classic bag and I've had no cracking issues at all!!!


Mar 3, 2013
I would definitely choose the DE NF :love: I just got mine this week and I absolutely love it! The straps are very comfortable and I love the new pochette. If you want the added security of a zipper you can get a purse organizer. GLD!

Here is a photo with my new model DE NF MM with the PurseBling red jumbo Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer.



LV Content
Dec 11, 2012
The NF in DE is my most used canvas bag. I've bought it twice. Reading about the issues others had with cracking scared me so I sold the first one. I replaced it with a similar style in DE but missed the NF so much that I had to go back. Having the Mono, I'm sure you are familiar with how great the bag is for everyday. The DE is even better since it's all weather and not as susceptible to staining like the untreated leather. I could literally use this bag everyday and I did for a while because I wanted to see if cracking was going to be an issue. So far, no cracking! The straps are not as stiff but are still holding their shape/standing straight up. I can feel that they are more flexible when I wear it...hard to explain. I have the older model and love the interior.

BUT...the Totally is a really great bag too. It has the zippers, pockets and will give you a little more versatility in your collection if that's important to you. I have three NF's so I obviously have a favorite but they are both great choices. Good luck to you and I hope one just wins you over when you go shopping so the decision is an easy one.


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
The Neverfull has more room but the Totally has the zipper. Have the NF MM Azur and sold my Totally PM (too small). Both are beautiful bags but if had to choose one the Totally MM wins my vote but in the Ebene.

Be Blessed MoNikki


Sep 17, 2011
New York/New Jersey
I pick the Totally. I own a neverfull and love it, but you already have one. I am hoping to own the totally one day. It has a zipper, the straps are wider and more comfortable, the straps won't crack...


Apr 2, 2013
I do love the look of the DE NF but have held off getting one because of the cracking issue and thin straps. I have a mono Totally MM and absolutely love it, so if you already have a mono NF I'd say go for the Totally in DE...the zipper, pockets and thick straps are amazing! Good luck deciding!


Jul 15, 2013
I have the same dilemma, so hard to decide I want either totally mm in DE or never full mm in DE I guess best thing to do is try them both on in store and see which feels right