Help - torn between two gorgeous colours!

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  1. #1 Feb 28, 2014
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    Hi all,

    I've decided for now, thanks to all of the wonderful ladies who helped me on a previous thread, that I am not going to purchase the preloved Wilshire in pomme.

    I have always wanted the pomme alma pm. It's my favourite colour and line from LV. I'm just worried that its too expensive for me right now - so I'm saving for something I'll potentially never afford or if i do get it, I'll be too afraid to use it because I'll have saved for so long, I'll want it to stay pristine forever.

    BUT - I saw the new amethyst empreinte line and love it! I'm contemplating the compact curieuse and if I purchase today, will get it before the increase. Also, my SA said it'll only be around for about 5 months, so if I'm gonna get it, I might as well get it now for a lower price! Likely to be my own emp item ever too.

    If I get the wallet, I'll be ages away from my alma :sad: I definitely don't have the money for the alma yet and will be saving for a while as I have other things that I need to save for, so money is pretty tight right now!

    So, what should I do? Get the wallet and save for the alma but potentially never get it - if they discontinue pomme.

    Or forget the wallet ( possibly miss out on amethyst) and save for the alma?

    Thanks all :smile: I really appreciate any help!
  2. Pomme will be around longer than empreinte Amethyst, if you really love the color then go for the wallet first, but if it is me, I will save for the Pomme Alma.
  3. Thank you for your advice, is there any reason why you would save for the alma first? :smile:
  4. I should add, I think that this will be my last Lv purchase for a good few months, maybe even a year... Which is a horrendously scary thought.
  5. these are my very fav vernis colors ever; pomme and amethyste so i can def see y u want both items..first i would get the wallet bc the amethyste color might be discontinued faster than the alma pomme
  6. save for the pomme alma! i feel like a new purse is always more satisfying than a new wallet, though that's just me. also i totally relate because i am always stuck in this dilemma… rarely do i ever save enough to make it to an ultimate designer goal because i get so distracted by other purchases along the way!
  7. also it depends how bad u want the u even need that wallet?
  8. I desperately want the alma but after working out how long it will take for me to save for it while saving for the other things along the way, it could take me a year just for the alma! :/

    And no, honestly, I don't need another wallet haha. But I have nothing in emp leather and this is the nicest thing IMO :smile: I would like an emp artsy but I won't even consider that until I have a steady job.

    Bags I have - Eva. Mc pochette. Epi pochette. Mono pochette. Speedy 25. Speedy 40. Mono alma. I've sold everything else!

    Wallets - emilie in DE. Josephine in mono. Zcp in amarante. Pomme cles. Mono cles. Mc card holder.
  9. i would forget the wallet as it might be a distraction and possibly a regret down the years u already have 2 wallets just stick with the alma in pomme
  10. I would get the Alma having more bag is always better than a wallet in my opinion :smile: good luck
  11. Alma for sure! It is classic!
  12. I know :sad: I feel like having a bag would be better but I don't even use the bags I do have... I use SLG's every day! So undecided! More pictures of the amethyst are coming out and it's lovely ! But my mom thinks it looks cheap...
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    Here's the latest from a tpf member ...
  14. Okay - here's another question for you all. I've just phoned LV and if I order this wallet in grenat and amethyst - i want to compare - and don't love them, I can return them for a complete refund within 7 days (I'm having to order online).
    Would you do this? And then if I decide that it's nice but I'd rather save for my alma, I can send them back and just be at a loss of about £10 for postage.
  15. Oh no. I can feel it bubbling. I can feel myself straying to the Lv website... It's an irresistible urge to order them both and all of the other things I want ahhh.