HELP!! Torn between the PTT or DST in black...

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  1. I am considering buying a really nice and good condition diamond stitch tote or a petite timeless tote and I cannot choose!!! Both are around the same price (PTT is a bit more) That doesn't concern me. I'm 5'2" 115 lbs and my lifestyle is business casual (slacks and sweaters or bebe tops) and on weekends jeans and tops. I don't think that makes a difference between either bag though. ANY SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!
  2. I'm also5"2 and I love my Diamond Stitch tote, go for it , you will be glad you did.
  3. Could you please post some pics for comparison
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  5. Or do you think I should try to see if the GST may be too big for my frame. I like that bag too. I wish there was a boutique here in NC to try them on but NOOOOO, of course there's not one here :sad:
  6. ptt hands down!
  7. Ptt wins by miles IMHO
  8. Thanks for the photos

    Does the diamond stitch tote have a zipper top or is it open?
    any inside pockets?
  9. The diamond stitch flap has a zipper top and I guess inside pockets..not too sure though

    I also have seen the PTT in GHW ans SHW...which one looks better with that tote?
  10. hey deb! 1st, umm, sorry quite ot... have you solved your white tote dilemma yet?

  11. No, not yet. I'm passing on that one and now I want to get a black smaller tote to go away with and will not be worried about it's size and getting it dirty :smile:
  12. ^alrightie! i like the ptt! :smile:

    though would have preferred dst more if it were the bigger version, which is not too far from the ptt's dimensions, only slimmer i think.
  13. Hi ladies, i am also interested to get the DST bag. Is it still available in Paris as I am going there in March? Thanks.
  14. Ptt