HELP!! Torn between azur speedy 30, totally PM or MM or galliers PM

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  1. #1 Mar 9, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2014
    Hi girls, I've been away from the forum for a while to give my wallet a break and now that it's spring I'm looking for an azur bag. It'll be my first and I've been up nights trying to decide what to get. It's so hard to choose they're all so pretty. Anyway for y'all that have azur bags, tell me your pros and cons about each bag listed ( for example I've read the totally azur bags don't look that great patinaed). I'm 5'2" tall and I don't want a bag to overwhelm me. I have two speedies already although in azur it really looks good. I'd like to opt for something different though. Any other suggestions of other azur bags you recommend with pictures (modeling would be helpful) to help guide me for a final decision. I've been eyeing a few pre owned Galliera pm's in great shape too and I love the look of that bag with patinea but I wonder if it'll look too large for my frame. Any modeling shots of that bag would be greatly helpful. TIA,,,
  2. Do you want handheld, shoulder, or either way?
  3. I prefer shoulder but speedy b 30 azur would work too since it has all options but I'm uncertain about the leather strips on the sides after they darken with the azur. It's different than the regular speedy which looks good with patina.
  4. Get the totally!
  5. Hi! I have only one azur bag because I don´t like patina with azur. But I just couldn´t resist. Since I discovered Galliera, I was dreaming about her, I had to have her. Later I even bought a long strap to wear her crossbody. So I can wear her both ways (on the shoulder and crossbody) and I don´t wear her only in spring and summer, but also in winter. I can recommend this beauty. And I'm 5'3" tall, so almost like you. Here are some pics to enable you :wave:

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  6. Oh that looks so good on you. Can you post perhaps the side of the bag facing outward to see how wide it looks against your body ..
  7. Sorry, I don´t have a pic like this in my PC now. I found just this one with my Galliera PM in DE, so you can have an idea...
    And thx for your compliment :smile:

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  8. I have the galliera in azur and I love her. The totally looks like a diaper bag in my opinion but that may be because I have 2 yr old twins. I agree, the speedys are classic but since u already have a couple get something different. :smile: good luck on ur decision.
  9. In Azur, I'd go with the Galliera. Totally is cute but I think it's slightly too casual (which isn't a bad thing--just depends on your needs). I prefer Speedy in Mono or DE.
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    Definitely the Galliera!




    I'm 5'4"
  11. Wow ur galliera is in great shape! I thought mine looked good. Lol:smile:
  12. Thank you! I was very lucky to find it in like new condition from Fashionphile. The strap was also just replaced because the original was damaged when I had the new rings put on. You can't tell much from the picture but the strap seriously needs a tan. I don't think it will take long to catch up though because the patina is still very light.
  13. Very lucky! Have you had any other good finds on Fashionphile???
  14. I would go with the speedy...its just such a lovely bag and you already know you love the style!
  15. My favorite is the speedy b in Azur. I saw it last weekend at LV and loved it so much.