Help! Torn about that ski hobo....

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  1. I wrote a little while ago about wanting the Soho Ski Hobo in white but having a hard time finding it for a decent price.

    Well... I have found it on eBay for ~99+shipping depending on any other interest. I'm considering that a good price.

    Now I'm torn though. I've been watching auctions for a while since I couldn't find it in the area. My only issue right now is that it is that my (new!) coat is also white & satin-y (see stock pic - mine is quite white, not the off-white of the pic) and I'm not sure how the two will go together. Is that too much satin-y white? Is it ok (even good) that it matches that much? I need some moral support!

    Oh boy.. getting excited.
  2. Oops! Here's the bag too. :smile:
  3. please help me decide? I only have a little bit longer...
  4. I think it is a very cute winter bag! If you love it, go for it, especially since it is a hard-to-find item now. I don't think it would be too much white, esp. if you hand carried it instead of slinging it over your shoulder - and if it arrives and seems like too much with that coat, just wear it with a different jacket! :graucho: