Help! Too much DVF....too little time!

  1. I just purchased this dress during the Bloomies private sale, but I'm not so sure I should keep it. I'm a little worried its not too versatile, but I got SUCH a great deal on it - $150 for the dress! Is it cute enough to keep? Where/how would you wear it?

  2. I love it!!! So cute and great for summer! I'd say keep's a great deal on such a great piece!
  3. I think its cute. I was looking at it on Net-a-porter but its full price over here in the UK.
  4. Very cute. It's a keeper. You can dress it up with heels like the mannequin, or you could wear really nice leather flip flops or thong sandals for a more casual look.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I forgot to mention that I had to get it in pink, but I think I can either wear it at night w/ my nude espadrilles or day with my nude patent flats.
  6. super cute, keep!
  7. Definitely a keeper!!
  8. Oh my, it's a keeper. Easily dressed up or easily worn casually with a pair of thong sandals or flats.
  9. definitely keep it! that dress is really really adorable.
  10. I think it's even more of a keeper in pink!!!
  11. I say keep it, especially for that price! Keep in mind, that particular style fits big. I was going to buy it earlier this season, but the smallest size was TOO big for me. It's meant to fit big, but my lack of boobage made it nearly impossible to wear the dress without it looking like a sack.
  12. This dress DOES fit big - I usually wear a size 4 in DVF, so I first tried a size 2 and was sad that I was still swimming in it. Luckily I found the 0 on sale and it fits great!