Help! Too good to be true??

  1. Hi,

    I'm kinda new here so i wasn't really sure exactly where to post this since there's no dedicated Kooba section:

    Can anyone tell me what they think of this auction? Is it authentic?

    I emailed the seller and asked for actual pictures of the bag so hopefully i'll get them soon...

    thanks for any help and sorry if this was the wrong spot! :shrugs:
  2. I would try putting this in the general handbag section. There are lots of Kooba postings over there.
  3. Yes, this thread belongs in the normal purse forum.

    I would ask the seller if those are pics of the ACTUAL bag you will recieve. The zipper pull looks right, when looking at it from the side, it is skinny at the base and fatter toward the end, a good sign.

    I know nothing about that seller. Lexie might know about the rep of that seller.

    I do know that older styles are on sale now alot of places, with reputable dealers on eBay. I purchased a Kooba Frankie for $285 BIN from wowtag, very authentic. It was from the same intro year with s higher retail price structure of that Jessie in the photo.

    I do understand your hesitation though.

    You might private message Lexie2000 and ask her opinion if she doesn't see this thread.
  4. I would ask for actual pics of the bag, those look like stock photos. The price does seem a bit too good IMO, I would also hesitate. Yeah, ask Lexie, LOL.
  5. i messaged Lexie2000. thanks guys. I appreciate your help. i don't know how to move a post but can i just re-post? i don't want to have 2 going and get in trouble or anything...
  6. I got some actual pics of the bag. i am going to try and post them but i don't kow how so bear with me!