HELP! Tom Binns skull jewellery (tough chic colllection?)

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  1. Does anyone have any tom binns skull jewellery? i am looking to collect some peices but cant find them anywhere!! please please post photos if you have any tom binns jewellery ESPECIALLY the skull jewellery
    is there anyway to buy the jewellery? i live in the UK so i dont think there are any stores :sad:
    please help me !!! i'm dying to get my hands on some !!!!:biggrin:
  2. Net a porter online :smile:
  3. I know this thread is old but I'm still having trouble with finding any of these pieces can anyone help ? So far I managed to obtain a ring , bracelet and necklace but they are nothing like the pieces I'm looking for , except the ring which is perfect
  4. I was just doing a search on Tom Binns and your thread came up. I hope you've been able to find the jewelry of your dreams! I bought a few pieces on ebay, but they were not skull pieces. I bought a long rhinestone chain with a skull on it from Netaporter many years ago, which you should see in the photo that I'm going to attach. The cuff pictured was sold out on Netaporter last year but I found it in the boutique in NYC. There are snakes on each side of the skull and cross bones. I bought that gorgeous, necklace with the graduated crystals (which tilts on the skirt part too, btw) and the ring from the NYC store. I called one day and had a real good guy help me who sent loads of pictures. That necklace is rare, I was told. I have had problems buying there, however, during a sale and was sold defective merchandise. It was frightful. If you need to know more, I'll write more. Meanwhile, enjoy your collection. Why don't you post some pictures? :smile:

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