Help!!! Tokidoki.....or....

  1. I'm at a great dilemma....I started collecting the tokidoki's recently b/c the print just grows on I walk by it and see it everytime I go shopping (I'm a purse freak :p). So this week I got my hands on the new print..familia (I got 4, each in different style of course) This print is really growing on me..I used the campeggio and its really nice...maybe b/c I like brown. (I know some of you guys hate it, but guess its a personal preference) as y'all know tokidoki ain't the cheapest bags, it really adds up....along with my shopping I also found the best deal on these 2 chloe purses (not that I really need it b/c I already have a few but u know its one of those great deals u just can't pass?? esp when the SA said "oh my gosh, this is so cute I wish I saw it 1st" & she was holding to the bag refusing to give it back to me untill I said, I want it so I ended up getting 2 Chloe for the price of one!!! :yahoo:) so my spending for this month is like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too high (oh yea along the way I picked one of those big Coach buckle purses..and this big tote by Ellen Tracy :p granted it was on sale but...its kinda adding up......& not factoring the fact the wk before I went crazy and got the lamore, Adios Star and the spaigga "SET" and just the zucca for the Pirata & paradiso collection.
    What should I do?? I need to do something I just can't justify spending so much (or can I?)...considering I probably can't use it all in a month anywayz...any suggestions?
    & i guess the items that is throwing me off track..are the tokidoki's since its a recently aquired "taste" ...another item added to my shopping list.
    Please help me decide what to do!!

    (and yes I know I need help!!! People says I need to attend PA = purse annoym. to get over my purse addiction considering alot of my purses still have tags on it & still buying.)
  2. If you're feeling that it's too much... then it's probably too much. If you're acummulating debt, it's definitely too much.

    I'd say, figure out based on your finances, how much you need to return in $dollar$... and then return your least favorites.
  3. I think the bottom line is you either have to "suck it up" and deal with how much it costs or you gotta let some of the stuff go... I don't know if you used credit cards or actual available funds to make your purchases so it's kind of hard to say anything. If someone has the money (not counting credit cards) and likes the bags, buy them, but if you don't have the money and have to use credit cards and are worried about how to pay it off or go into debt for bags (which happens), sell your "least favorite" ones.

    Maybe a start would be to look at your new set of Famiglia bags... You said you have four. Maybe you can choose your favorite-favorite two and return the other two? Are you really going to use four different bags, but all in the same color/print?

    It all comes down to what you really want to do. I always use my debit card (for everything, not just tokidoki) because I know I have funds in my checking account. If I don't have the money, I either have to save for it or not buy it. There are people out there who will go into debt just to have the things they want and they suffer for it later. I wouldn't want any of the girls on this forum to go through that! But if you do have the money and just feel kinda guilty or can't "justify" the purchases, then just think long and hard about the bags and if you really, really LOVE each and every one of them. Think about how often you'd use each particular bag.

    Hope this helps a little...?
  4. I have the funds so that part is taken care of..I guess its more like what you said Maya justifying the purchase..I guess I'm kinda seeking reassurance that its ok to get that many bags? is it normal for someone to go all out like this and get this many tokidoki's at once??

    but I guess ur right I should release at least 2 of the familia print purse..but which one? I used the campeggio so that's a keeper, I got the mamma mia, the bella (that's bc this was the only one with the japanese baby), and the zucca...input?

    Thanks guys :smile:
  5. As long as you have money for food, water, gas, your house or whatever...then I wouldn't worry about it. If it's not ruining your life..then it's all right I guess. I am not one who buys every single bag in sight but if I had the money to do it...maybe I would? LOL. Nahh doubt it..but still...if you can do it and nobody cares if you spend all your money and it's not hurting you..then whatever..spend that money hahaha.
  6. Okay, so if all you need is justification or reassurance, ALL of these girls will reassure you because almost everyone has a TON of bags!! I have a big Rubbermaid container full of Coach bags and another one full of tokidoki.

    I think when you first discover tokidoki, everyone tends to go a little nuts because it's so damn cute. I didn't buy as many as you did in that time frame, but I did keep aquiring bag after bag after bag over a span of a couple months.

    If you have to choose between the bella, MM, and zucca... Ugh, it's a tough choice. I think everyone will give you different opinions on this one. My opinion would be to choose the zucca because it's such a great style!! I absolutely adore the zucca. But if you want to go in an "opposite" route, since the campeggio is such a large bag and the zucca is semi-large, maybe go with the bella or MM because they're smaller. So you can use each of them for different situations or occasions. My vote will have to stay with zucca, though. We don't get zucca's here in Hawaii so we've got to get them sent to us from elsewhere... I treasure my Spaiggia zucca!

    Is the Japanese baby a "must have" for you?
  7. Ok, if you have the funds and are just feeling guilty, then give yourself a little time to think about it. You can see from the list in my signature, I also have gone purse crazy this year... and I have had on & off guilt feelings... but I have no debt and comfortable savings... so it was just a matter of deciding if I was ok with what I bought. In the end, I was! HA! Only you can decide what you are comfortable with.
  8. Maya...
    the japanese baby...its not a must have its just cute..i think he is adorable..just kinds sucks for some odd reason all the bigger bags don't have him...except this bella & I usually don't like the bella. & this familia MM would be my 1st MM b/c I haven't had much success in findin any what to do?
    didn't know hawaii don't carry zuccas that's so weird, but if you ever want one from the mainland, I'll be more than happy to help you out there...I'll just notify my SAs hehe
    so under ur recommendation, I'll keep the zucca for sure :smile:

    Queen -- yea its the total guilt I feel like I should use the money and do something good instead like donate to some feed the hunger :p

    thank you guys for your input...I'm beginning to feel better :rolleyes:

    and Jess -- I don't buy everything in sight :p
    my SA's can vouch for that....ha ha
  9. I mean like others said it is all a matter of preference, but for me I wouldnt own four bags in the same print.. the mamma mia is one of my favorite bag styles which i have trouble finding so I personally would keep it. I'm not a huge fan of the bella bc i like bigger bags.. i have a bella bella and i have trouble fitting all my stuff in it and the bella is smaller so that wouldnt be a good one for me.. well sorry for going on and on, hope i helped!
  10. I bought almost 15 bags in a month .. so I can't give you any sound advise .. :smile: But, you've just started out, so, I say, really go easy on yourself. The more you get to know the prints, the more you wanted to acquire them. You can't possibly get everything at one go .. part of the fun of collecting Tokidoki bags is hunting for the perfect bag and print for yourself and not grabbing everything in sight!
  11. (i am pissed off at this forum right now, just wrote this long post on this thread AND IT OBLITERATED THE WHOLE THING and now i have to rewrite it!!! :cursing:)

    ok, here we go again.

    as i was saying, my opinion is that NO bag is worth getting unless you use it. by the sounds of your posting and starting this thread, you have bought waaaaaaaaay too many bags, esp since you still have bags with tags on them already. my rule of thumb is that any bag, even toki, has to be useful. i passed on a citta rosa nuvola cus as much as i luv that print, i just won't use a was a great deal, but a deal is only a deal if you need/use it....a bag sitting in the closet with its tags and never seeing the light of day is a waste (in my opinion). just think of all the money you would have if you put all the bags you don't need/ could go on vacation!!! ;) regardless of print, print placement, price (deal or not) bags and stuff in general is not worth going into debt for (that is if you are, perhaps you are not)....only food, water is worth it....

    sometimes SA's (not all but some) get you excited about something to make a sale....ignore them and use your inner voice...i have learned that lesson. in the end, this is just stuff, and you can live without it.

    hope this helps....its great that you are asking us for our opinion on this! :smile:
  12. Wow bagme, great advice! :tup::tup: My sister says the same thing...that a bargain is only a bargain if you're going to use the item. If you're gonna buy it just to buy it and let it sit around then it's no bargain at all, it's actually a waste of $$$ no matter how great of a deal it seems to be.

    With this in mind, I'd return the bags I could live without if I were you Meechiu. :graucho:
  13. ^^ I would tend to agree in general... but I can see Toki's being collected as works of pop art and not strictly as functional bags.
  14. I agree with that too. When I say return the ones you can live without of course I'm referring to the other non-toki bags such as the Ellen Tracy bag :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Exactly, that's what my Mom says to me all the time! I do think twice now before I move on to purchase something I don't forsee to use it :yes: