Help!! Toiletry 26 or Favorite mm

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  1. Hi
    I'm looking at purchasing the above, I'm trying to be reasonable as Im planning on purchasing the Artsy soon. My question is, do I need both? I love the simplicity of the Toiletry 26 and was planning to use it as a casual clutch & to put things in to my Artsy. I was also looking @ the Favorite mm as it seems the perfect size 'smaller' bag I can use when I dont want to take a bigger bag. I was looking @ wearing it crossbody (I've heard it's too short, I'm 5"7 so was looking @ getting a longer strap) and from watching reviews I've seen that you can use it as a clutch as well.

    So my question is, do you think I need both the 26 & the Favorite? I'm thinking yes but just wanted to hear what others think. I'm open to other suggestions as well. The 26 is on hold for me for 2 days so I have to decide within that time what I'm going to do. Thanks in advance ;)
  2. I have both. They have different functionalities. The tp26 holds more than the favorite mm. The favorite you can use as a clutch, a shoulder bag as well as a cross body bag (I'm a shortie). I have used the tp26 as a clutch only a handful of times. The rest of the times I find it handy to use inside a big bag. If they are meant to serve different purposes and since the price point is quite varied, you could just get both.
  3. I am 1.7m and find the favourite too short. In the end I sold it and got the Eva instead, which is the perfect length for crossbody. The magnetic closure doesn't feel very secure tbh. I much prefer the zipped closure. You can even consider the Pallas clutch but it doesn't hold as much as the favourite.

    I don't have the TP26 but have always wondered about it.

    Why not the Pochette accessories NM that serves both needs? And a long strap from etsy...
  4. +1
  5. Hi thanks for your input. Good to know that the 26 golds more then the favorite. That's another pro for getting both. I'm not sure how often I'll use the 26 as a clutch but I know I'd use it a lot inside a bigger bag. Also for the price the 26 is definitely worth it!! You've definitely given me something to think about, I really need to get to my local store to check out the Favorite up close! Thanks again, you've definitely helped me 😊
  6. Hi, thanks for replying. Good to know you thought the favorite strap was too short as I'm the same height as you. I do think the Eva is lovely and it definitely has the advantage of having the longer strap but i think it's too small for me. Also there are no compartments/card holder on the inside. If you don't mind me asking, what do you carry in your Eva? I want to be able to carry my Louise wallet. I don't really have a preference between the zipper & magnetic closure but thanks to you I'll definitely be checking out the magnetic closure when I get to a store!

    Same reason I'm not going for the Pochette NM being that I think it's too small for me. I checked the dimensions & it's even smaller (just) then the Eva.

    I've seen quite a few people using the 26 as a day clutch & I think it looks great! Thanks again for your reply, greatly appreciated 😊
  7. Hi, would recommend you watching some videos on YouTube that compares Pochette NM, Eva and favourite.

    I considered getting the Pochette NM, it's a little shorter than Eva but it actually holds slightly more than it. But I liked the gold plate on Eva that's why I still bought it.

    I will use only small wallets eg empreinte Cles with it. Slimmer full size wallet like emilie fits fine but I prefer not to, as it takes up too much space. Not familiar with the Louise, sorry.

    Usually I'll carry my hp, a small wallet, 6 ring key holder, wet tissues and lip balm/hand cream-- my essentials, and fits well:smile:

    One thing I didn't really like about the favourite was that the front flap is a tad floppy.. But it's still a great bag if you don't mind the magnetic closure, shorter strap (and of course one side is looped, which causes strain if you often take it on and off to use just the golden chain) and floppy front flap.
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    I have a Toiletry 26 but I don´t want to carry it as a clutch. I know that some people like this, but it is (and it looks like) a toiletry. But it´s my opinion. I don´t have Favorite or Eva, but I like the look of both. From Eva I like more she have a zipper, so more secure. I see of youtube comparison of this both and the Pochette Accessoires. And the PA fits more than the eva. Looks not so feminine, but holds a lot.

    look here, I like the videos from her (NastasiaM53)
    source youtube
  9. I think any small bag would be a much better purchase than the Toiletry.
  10. Think they are two very different useful bags~~

    I have the 26 and is so easy to use for all types of casual settings~~it is one my my favs~~^^

    I like to pair it with a bracelet~~
  11. I have and recommend the Pochette. Fits the essentials, plus you can use it as a clutch, as a small evening bag or put it in a larger purse. Super versatile ~~
  12. Hi thanks for all your info. As much as I love the look of the Favorite I think I'm now leaning against it. From researching this forum it seems the biggest complaints with this bag are the flap/magnetic closure, the overall security of the bag & how one side of the strap is looped. If only the Eva was a bit bigger it would be the perfect bag!! I'm planning on going to the store in a couple of weeks (closest one is 2 hours away) & trying my things in the Eva, pochette nm & the Favorite. Hopefully my decision will be easier then. I'll update once I've decided. Thanks 😊
  13. Hi thanks for your reply. I'm definitely gonna try this bag when I go to the store. Is the strap suitable for crossbody do you know? It's versatility is very appealing though. Thanks 😊
  14. Hi, thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated 😊
  15. Hi thanks for your input. I love this colour!! It looks fantastic with your bracelet. 👍🏻