Help to warn about fake Radley


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Nov 1, 2020
I bought fake Radley bag from
Avoid this site! They have direct facebook link to real Radley London.
The parcel came from the Netherlands, but in reality its chinese scammers. There is no return (stated on site “free return”): no goods, no money.



Apr 4, 2018
Hi & welcome to tPF.

I'm sorry you received a fake. I don't know the brand at all, but that website is screaming 'we're selling fakes', the first clue being the steep discounts because it's spring clearance... in November. Plus the overall design and the fact that the domain name was registered on 2020-09-17. I understand how alluring low prices can be, but you have to stay vigilant and do your homework when buying something with your hard-earned money.

You can remind them that it's illegal to sell counterfeit items and you will be filing a police report (I imagine that wouldn't do much, but it might scare them? Who knows.) I'm assuming you're in the UK? But that's the law in many other countries, too.

As a last resort, if you paid with a credit card, you can probably do a chargeback.
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