Help - To send or Not?

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  1. I Just sold an expensive handbag for "Buy it Now" price. They paid immediately with Pay Pal with a confirmed address. My problem is they joined in 2004 and have "0" feedback, I emailed them several times to confirm their address just to make sure and they haven't responded. Do I still ship the bag? There has been no contact at all. They have paid but I am concerned.
  2. I would be very careful - transfer the $ ASAP to your bank account and out of paypal. When you ship it, make sure you put a signature confirmation on it and insured.

    My mom has been an ebay member for a few years, but has never bought or sold - she's bid on items but always gets outbid, so gave up on it. So, it does happen that longstanding members have 0 fb, just be careful.
  3. Great advice. I also have friends that have been on for years and have 2 or 3 fb. I would send, they paid and have a confirmed addy. You are probably fine. I would definitely get a signature confirmation. Also never leave money sitting in paypal. At least I don't.
  4. As long as you send the bag to the paypal confirmed address with 7 days of the buyer paying and send with insurance and signature delivery you are fully covered by seller protection.
    If she has 0 feedback and has never completed an ebay transaction, she may be wary of internet transactions and as far as she is aware she has done everything right and that you already have her address. She may just be wary of you!
    Alot of buyers dont commuincate at all through a transaction, just keep them up to date- i.e when you post, the tracking number etc so you get your stars up for communication!
  5. Thank you all for responding, I feel a lot better now I will send today and follow everyones instructions. I have had an highjacked account before buy an item and I am always so careful with Ebay. Thank you once again:wlae:
  6. Well I have sent the bag with a combination lock on it. Paid for signature confirmation and just hope all is well. I still have had no response from my emails and note there are some other threads where people have concerns with "0" feedback.