Help to search for my major piece?


Apr 6, 2012
So, by the end of next year, after I get 2 more pieces from VCA, I reckon I will have built up a capsule collection that I can wear on a regular basis. There are some amazing pieces in there which I absolutely ADORE and some pieces that I will wear casually everyday, to maximise my CPW. On the whole, I am quite satiated. I may sell some items, however, that seem a bit superfluous and that I am not absolutely in love with.

I will start now to focus on buying other "stuff", something that makes sense to the more sensible side of me, like RE.

However, the jewellery addict in me is telling me that I "need" (translate to "want" really, lol) something Ooooooommmph in my collection.....So, I'm now STARTING to THINK of a one-of-kind piece, something that would hopefully increase in value over time..something from a high end brand name like VCA, Cartier, Graff or HW, preferably something heritage. I only want one such piece. I envisage buying it in 4 or 5 years' time. It'll come faster than one would think. I've been collecting VCA since 2016... how time flies~!~

Criteria for this major piece:
- high end
- period piece
- can be any gold, but would prefer WG or Pt
- diamonds: maybe not one big diamond...would prefer a coloured stone with diamonds as accents, or I could consider a suite of diamond pieces
- or a very deep forest green Columbian emerald of no or minor oil;
- or a nice darker red ruby (but not blood red - I don't like brownish red on my skin)
- can consider blue sapphire but I have a lot of blues, so would prefer green or red
- I like "regular" pieces and floral themes. I am not keen on animals on me (though I love them on others).
- it should be a ring, but I'm flexible on this...could be a set (like earrings+necklace or earrings+bracelet etc).

My budget is around USD50k-100k. But I would prefer to spend less than more, obviously. My budget is not set in stone. I'll have to see how I do financially at the time.

Oh, very very important: I am not prepared to buy brand new. I'd love the challenge of searching for it on the secondhand market (though of course I am aware of the risk of being defrauded, and will take steps to mitigate this).

Would anyone like to help me plan? Pictures and/or links would be helpful. I'm gathering thoughts and ideas atm...researching for possibilities, if you like.
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Sep 27, 2013
The problem with looking now is that one of a kind pieces available today are likely not going to happen to be available when you are ready to buy. You really need to wait until you have the funds and see what is available at that time, and then look until you find your perfect one-of-a-kind piece.


Jun 12, 2007
Hi Phoenix, I am not sure if you may also consider Bulgari. Two years ago I was at the Bulgari flagship boutique in Rome, and saw some very magnificent jewelry pieces. Some of their necklaces just look phenomenal. Breathtakingly beautiful. Those jewelries are not listed on the Bulgari website. If you have a chance, you may also want to take a look at Bulgari flagship boutiques. I didn’t ask the prices, but I think some of them could be about or slightly above the budget you have in mind.