Help to replace Isabella Fiore...stolen after ONE DAY!!!

  1. Wow, hahaha, all that for one or two COMMENTS. Thats great if you live in a community where things like what I mentioned DON'T HAPPEN but I was speaking more from where I come from. In the Bay Area, things like that happen all the time. That's life. I don't live in a happy go lucky environment and people do steal all the time - doesn't matter if its a church. IT HAPPENS. I'm sorry for my comment about the purse but if you can take your head out of your ass long enough to see that it was my OPINION only then you could have ignored and moved on. Obviously not everyone feels that way and not everyone is going to like MY taste in bags either and thats fine with me. Hahaha @ "what goes around" bs. I obviously DON'T know your friend but don't see what my comment had to do with me or my friends being like that.

    Also, if you want to be a part of a public forum or not is your business but no matter which forum you choose to be a part of, don't assume everyone is going to fit into your ideal world and respond to everything you say. Good try though at trying to make people feel sorry for you.

    I do sincerely think its too bad what happened to your friend. After all, her wallet, money, IDs, etc were probably in there. I would have immediately filed a police report and gone from there though instead of going to message forum. But then again, thats my opinion. You do what you want to do. :smile:
  2. Thanks, Jadorebags...I appreciate your thoughts. :flowers: Yes, it is a good lesson learned...a sad one, but a useful one. This situation happened when my friend left her car for 5 minutes to walk her girls into school (it's a church school)'s a busy time of morning with all the other moms/kids there...nobody thinks stuff like this can happen, but it can. She left her purse on the floor of the car so that she would have her hands free to help her girls in with some things. She's done it a million times before, never thinking someone would break into her car on the church grounds. You're IS sad, but it's just the way the world is, unfortunately...and everyone just needs to be aware of the bad eggs out there in the world.

    Speaking of which, that brings me back to Rooby.

    Rooby, of course my friend filed a police report immediately after the theft happened. Duh. What about my trying to help her replace one of the MANY things she lost as a result of this thing -- would convey to you that she wouldn't have filed a police report? Or that I was supposed to have handled that? The mind reels. :wacko:

    HELLO...the point is, you were attacking me--AND her--with malicious comments--toward someone you don't even know?!? I don't have a problem with people expressing their opinions, Rooby. I don't even have a problem with people who disagree. What I have a problem with are people who are clearly just nasty and rotten to the core, using offensive language--in what I thought was a nice public forum/community--like "pull your head out of your a**." That's REAL classy, Rooby. Real neighborly, too. I hesitated to even respond to you one last time, because each time I do, YOUR responses seem to get all the more vapid and crass. So I'm done. But if you should decide to come back with any more trashy, ill-conceived commentary here, I will simply send it to Vlad, if he hasn't seen it already, in the sincere hopes that they ask you to kindly not visit tpf anymore. And if I come to discover that this kind of thing is allowed or welcomed here, I certainly won't be bothering to participate anymore. I don't need this kind of nasty negativity in my life. Unlike you, I have plenty of lovely people in my life (who don't lie to me)...I certainly don't need a Baby Phat collector swearing and hurling insults at me on an online handbag forum of all things. Give me a BREAK. :cursing:

    I feel sorry for YOU, Rooby. You're obviously one very unhappy person, who gets some sort of a charge out of beating up on people. I think we're all a little too grownup for the schoolyard bully routine. And that's exactly what's going on here. And I'm done engaging in any sort of conversation with you. How many other people are you terrorizing with your hateful words on TPF (not to mention elsewhere)? Why don't you take your negativity and insecurity somewhere else, instead of sullying a perfectly nice community like TPF with your pottymouth? Get a life. People like you make me :throwup:
  3. Ok, so you might not agree with what Rooby says, LoveFurlas, but you accuse her of being malicious towards someone she doesn't know and then call her 'rotten to the core' and accuse her of 'terrorizing' people. So what's the deal, you're allowed to make assumptions about people you don't know but she isn't? I think you're majorly overreacting to not liking somebody else's opinion. And I'm struggling to work out exactly what Rooby's done that's terrorizing?! I think you need to calm down and accept that on a public forum you're going to come across views you disagree with. Yes, some people are blunt about things, but that doesn't excuse an extended personal attack.
  4. Sorry to hear about the bag! Hope you'll find a solution for replacing it.
  5. LoveFurlas: "I certainly don't need a Baby Phat collector swearing and hurling insults at me on an online handbag forum of all things. Give me a BREAK. :cursing:"

    Yeowwww! That gave me a good laugh.
  6. I'm sorry this happened to you and friend. It was such a nice gesture for you to give her bag. I don't know if your friend lives in an apartment, but if she has renter's insurance (or the home owner's equivalent), she can file a claim. There is probably a deductible, but she might be able to recover some of it, if she shows the replacement value as $595.
  7. I'm assuming you would need a police report for that, and since she already has a police report stating that the bag was stolen from the church school, I don't think that would work. Besides, I think that's kind of illegal/unethical. Especially for someone who is trying to be a pastor.
  8. Sorry to hear about your friends bag, I am on the forum a lot and I read a lot of threads and hardly reply to any. It is not that your story is not worthy, it may be people just don't know what to suggest or how to express empathy.
  9. oh for the love of Pete!!

    Step off the soapboxes people. If you can't play nice, don't play.
  10. Oh no no, I wasn't suggesting anything illegal. Renter's insurance covers your property anywhere, even ones not on the premises, including your car. I lent my camera to my dad last year, and he took it to China and left it somewhere, and it was stolen. My renter's insurance covered that.

  11. I totally agree! That attitude isn't going to get you any sympathy.

  12. please read this again.

    STOP the drama.
  13. please read my comments!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ugh. I totally agree! What is this??

    Sorry to hear about the stolen bag. I think the CC advice is great. I hope you find a solution soon.
  15. FYI My friend had her purse and everything in it stolen at her church last year. The worst was her calendar.