Help to replace Isabella Fiore...stolen after ONE DAY!!!

  1. Hi, ladies...a sad story to report. I bought a gorgeous Isabella Fiore Swedish Tessa (in cream) for my best friend at the IF sample sale a few weeks ago. Just gave it to her (for birthday/Xmas) last week, and after about two days, someone stole it from her (AT CHURCH)!!! So sad. It was the first really high-end bag she had ever had, and I was thrilled to be able to give it to her! And now this? It's bad enough that she's having to deal with all of the other issues (credit cards, bank account, etc.), but then to have a gift stolen like that...anyway, she's heartbroken over it, and neither one of us can afford to replace it (I spent $160 at the sale, but it retails for $595). She won't LET me spend any money to replace it, as she already feels terrible, and she has three young daughters, so she can't justify spending that money on herself. Such a dilemma. I know she's always going to be reminded of the trauma of being violated and having her stuff stolen unless I can figure out a way to replace that bag. It's on sale at Adasa for under $400, but it's still pricey. eBay occassionally has, too, so we'll look there. I wrote an email to Isabella Fiore to see if the company might take pity on us and help me to replace it for her at cost, but we'll see. Any add'l thoughts, suggestions, sales flags -- or personal IF connections! -- would be appreciated!!! Thanks, ladies... :crybaby:
  2. Oh my gosh! That's so sad. Unfortunately I have no idea what you could do, but I'd wait for an answer from the Isabella Fiore company.
    I really hope you'll be able to replace it somehow! :heart:
  3. Thanks, DiorKiss...btw, I was just thinking, maybe I should have put this under "Deals and STEALS"....haha (boo hoo)! I suppose it's possible that the IF people will just laugh and click "delete" when they see my email, but you never know...I figured it couldn't hurt to contact them about it. Who knows? Maybe they'll be more than willing to help, if they happen to find one "lying around" in inventory somewhere that they can spare. Hey, weirder things have happened. Would just love to be able to do this for my friend...she does so much for me and everyone heart is just broken for her that her first really quality handbag was stolen, even before she was able to show it off to anyone!!! I will definitely be back to sing the praises of IF to the tpf-ers, if by some miracle the company decides to help me replace the bag. We shall see!!!
  4. Wow...over 75 views today and only one person bothered to comment. How disappointing. I guess my thread just isn't as compelling or thought-provoking as some of the others, like "what color should my next Rebecca Minkoff be...tomato red or blue red??? I can't decide...somebody please help me make this difficult and life-changing decision ASAP!!!!" Oy, vey. :rolleyes:

    Oh, well...I guess I thought maybe some tpf-ers might have some creative ideas or suggestions about how I might help my friend who's brand new purse was stolen, or even kind words if nothing else--but DiorKiss has been the only one all day, and now my thread is being pushed down to the bottom of the queue. (I guess next time I ask for help, I'll have to be sure to include something about a coupon code or something) Thanks again to DiorKiss anyway...I do appreciate your kindness! :heart:
  5. So sorry to hear about your friend's purse. How can anyone steal a purse at church? :cursing: So she was able to show it off to someone at least that really liked it. Did she report it to the church members? They should be able to do something since it was perhaps a member of their church that stole the purse.

    That was nice of you to giver her an early Xmas gift. So she doesn't want you to spend any money on another bag...and she does not have the money to buy a new perhaps she doesn't want another bag right away? :confused1:

    You can find IF purses at huge discounts: Off 5th-Saks has some and they often have coupons.

    I guess I do not know what else to say, but hope you get a positive response from the IF company.
  6. Maybe the church is willing to help replace it?

  7. being sarcastic like that isn't going to help. This isn't a place where were like that towards each other :nogood:No one is obligated to respond to any thread...maybe some didn't find it interesting, some don't have a guess as what to do who knows:shrugs:
  8. to me it sounds like the perfect oportunity to lie about what happened to the bag if she didn't like it and decided to sell it instead, hence the won't "let" you get her another blah blah blah.

    i've seen those IF bags in person and honestly wouldn't pay $10 for one. /meh
  9. ^I admit, that crossed my mind as well, but I'll give her friend the benefit of the doubt.

    Good luck, I wonder what the company will say and if they'll give her another one at cost.

    It's on sale at Ada for $357 with free shipping. Adasa has lots of good coupons too, but unfortunately I don't think any of them apply to sale items.
  10. Did you pay for the bag with a credit card? Many credit cards offer thief protection if something is lost, stolen, or damaged. My daughter forgot she had a Nintendo DS in her backpack and took it to school. She left it locked in her locker and someone stole it. I had used a Visa card to pay for it. I had to send in a police report and a copy of the receipt. I had a check for the full amount within two weeks. I'm sorry this happened to your friend. I would also report this to the church pastor. He should say something to the congregation.
  11. Wow, great advice! I agree, definitely have the pastor talk about it and perhaps he'll be able to guilt whoever did it into turning it in (even anonymously).

    I had no idea CC's offered protection for theft. I'll definitely keep that in mind...
  12. Cancel what I said about Adasa, I somehow missed that part of your post.
  13. That IS really good advice! I had no idea CC offered protection either.
  14. Thanks SO MUCH to the few of you who were nice enough to leave comments here in response to my post today. :heart:

    Tonij2000, that's a good idea about the church helping to replace it, but it happened in the parking lot so nobody thinks that anyone "church-related" was involved, and besides (a) my friend would never ask them to do that and (b) their church is busy raising thousands of dollars to help aid international efforts (this same friend just got back from a mission in Africa with the church, where they are helping a poor community to build a dam...I mean, this woman is the closest person to Mother Teresa that I know!!) The best thing about this situation is that my friend wasn't hurt, her girls weren't hurt...and if anything, the congregation has been knocked out of their false sense of security...which is a good thing...I'm glad they're learning this lesson from a silly handbag being stolen, rather than one of their little kids!!! (And yes, CherryFarmGirl, they definitely let the congregation know about this...and she is trying to see if her insurance will help to cover the loss, but we're waiting to see...I would love to try to replace it for her somehow if that doesn't come through!)

    And I'm sorry if SolidGold didn't appreciate my sarcasm in the context of expressing my disappointment about not getting much of a response from tpf-ers (especially seeing everything they were responding to INSTEAD):

    I've left plenty of nice comments for other tpfers, and I think I'm entitled to make an observation if I notice that after several hours and over 75 views, only one person had bothered to respond to MY post, and that I found that somewhat disappointing. I guess I just got a vibe that this was the type of community that cared more about each other and would be more responsive to something like this, that's all. Even with a simple "I'm sorry," or whatever. I never said anyone was "obligated" to respond. I just expected more. I'm not going to apologize for saying so.

    Although I must beg to differ with you SolidGold, on your characterization of TPF...apparently not everyone here falls under your description, I'm sorry to say, as you'll see from Rooby's blatantly snotty post:

    So, Rooby not only tries to insinuate that my friend is LYING (I don't have the kind of friends that Rooby friend is completely distraught about this entire situation...not that Rooby knows ANYTHING about it, but I don't think my friend, who is hoping to become a Lutheran PASTOR, btw, is in the habit of lying about ANYTHING, let alone to her best friend, and about a stupid bag of all fact, she's scrambling to try to figure out how SHE can re-purchase it, with money she doesn't have, since she would feel too bad to have ME buy it for her again...she's an honest, good, beautiful, classy person, which is something Rooby clearly doesn't understand), but then she tries to slam Isabella Fiore?!? Well, thanks for THAT. Insults on TOP of injury. Nice. I must say, Rooby's comment was not only rude and uncalled for, but oddly snobbish coming from someone who claims to collect Rocawear, BabyPhat and Coach. :confused1:

    I'm not sure if Rooby, of all people, should be attempting to call other TPFers on taste. And as SolidGold pointed out, I didn't think that was the sort of attitude of people here at TPF. Listen, ladies, I have always enjoyed TPF, and again, I am touched by the few people who were kind enough to eventually respond after my second comment. But earlier today, I just had to admit that I was sadly disappointed when I discovered that very few people were bothering to take the time to respond to something that was important to me on a personal level, not just a "help-me-choose-a-bag" level. I'm sorry if pointing that out irritated some people, but it's the truth. And seeing certain people's snottiness revealed here as a result only makes it all the more disappointing. :crybaby:

    I certainly wouldn't say that Rooby represents ALL tpf-ers -- if she did, I wouldn't be coming here anymore, that's for sure. The whole thing is just a big bummer, that's all. I'm just being honest. And I never said anything that wasn't true...unlike Rooby, who not only doesn't know what she's talking about, but somehow feels free to hurl insults at not only my taste, but my friend. Oh, well. I'm just a girl with a special friend and I'm trying to help her...and I looked to TPF for some ideas/support, and was disappointed when I wasn't getting it. As for Rooby, well...what can I say, except what goes around, comes around. :tdown:
  15. First I want to say how sorry I am to hear of this happening to your friend.

    It really makes me feel sad to think that someone from church would have the nerve to steal some one's purse .

    What in the world is this world coming to?

    I hope that your friend has reported this to the church and that she will ask that they will mention it during the next service .

    Sometimes a guilty person will come forward and just throw the bag somewhere where some will find it.

    Perhaps she could also explain that this bag was a gift and has sentimental value to her she would be willing to forgive and forget if the person who just took it would kindly return the handbag over to the preacher or another highly respected member of the clergy .

    It can not hurt to try anything at this point.

    It is very sad to think that people steal even in the house of the Lord.
    I am forever leaving my bag on a table at church and walking a way I would never in a million years feel that I could not do that.
    This is a good lesson learned just goes to show you now days you can not trust anyone so so sad.

    I wish you both all the best and hope it turns up and soon.