Help To Re-dye A Satin Bv

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  1. HI everyone,
    this is my 1st time to post in bv thread, i need a major help, i bought a knotted clutch in satin, in white-greyish-silver color...and i am wondering is it possible to RE-DYE it someday with normal fabric dye for normal clothes? actually is it possible to re-dye a satin bag? and the lining is SUEDE, so if im dying it, i am going to dye the whole thing so its ok about same color for the whole bag etc. Please please anybody that has any info please kindly share with me. Thank you so much for your kind help
  2. Well, loveaddict, wouldn`t the fabric dye be a liquid one to use in the washing machine? If so, I think the bag is way too delicate to try that and all those dyes that you apply directly don`t come out even enough, most have darker spots or something like that.

    What are your intentions? To sometime change the color or do have it back in its original colour once it has faded a bit?

    First option doesn`t come easily and personally I would never try that and second isn`t really necessary, I`d say.
  3. hi there, thx u for responding,
    my intention is to dye it to TOTALLY diff color, let say a drop of wine got into my satin clutch, i will dye my white satin become RED, the whole clutch.
    cant it be done the normal traditional way, without using washing machine? i mean just put the clutch in the bucket water that is already mixed with the red dye for example? *stress* i am starting to feel maybe its a mistake to buy a white silverish color for clutch, i wanna get a leather one but its not available...
  4. Of course, you could just stick it into a bucket with water and dye in it, but I`m pretty sure that might ruin the suede lining.

    I love the Satin Knot Clutch and I think the silverish white (probably Marmo) is a great festive colour. If you`re really afraid of getting something onto it, maybe you could ask BV if they can remove spots or re-dye the colour. I trust myself when it comes to dyeing jeans or stuff, but a satin BV is just too delicate I guess.
  5. Hi loveaddict!

    I gather the white-grey knot satin is the cement color you have. If you don't like this color, can't you exchange it for another color? I notice that the satin knot clutch comes in a few colors this season.

    You can find out from bridal shops if dyeing it in another color is possible. I was told before (many years ago) that they're able to do this in order to match some accessories with the gowns.
  6. I would be terrified to dye a Knot! But I guess if you had to, there would be professionals who might be able to help? :s
  7. If you are certain you want to try dye your bag, then definitely go to a professional, like LMB (

    There are many types of dyes. For example, a protein fiber like silk requires a totally different dye than a cellulosic fiber like cotton.

    I would never risk using a multipurpose home dye for your clutch. I dye fabrics regularly in my teddy bear business and don't ever use the multipurpose stuff.

    Yep, go to a professional refurbishing service.
  8. omg thx u so much ladies, i just bought this clutch yesterday, the only option i had was only black and this lovely silver, i am bored with i take the silver one because i love it.....its just i am wondering about 2 years ahead heuheuehue will it stay silver or i really2 have to dye =) i dont have LMB in my country but i think i'll def at least once go to US within these 2 years before the color of my silver clutch change huheuehuehue =) thx u once again ladies