help to pick a small-medium size shoulder bag please!

  1. Hi everyone, as you know, I have been looking a small-medium size shoulder bag as my birthday present. I found one, I think she is perfect, Eliza!! However, guess what? I get to pick another one!!! around 600 dallors or a bit more, dont matter. I would prefer a SHOULDER BAG, and almost the same size as the Eliza, which can fit my french purse, sunglasses, keys and cells. Thanks everyone in advance!
  2. ilovo pm?
  3. popincourt haut is a cute bag, not too big not too small.

    what about the beverly clutch ?
  4. is that not too small? I heard it is only an evening cluth size... can anybody show me the inside?
  5. Papillon 26?
  6. Thanks! but forgot to mention, I already got a papillon 30, pochette accessories, tulum pm and mono speedy 30. please please!!! all the ideas are appreciated!!:yahoo:
  7. How about MC lodge? You can get Eliza in black and Lodge in white, or vice versa?
  8. OMG, how did you know that? hehe, I was thinking about that actually, but to be honest, I tried the lodge in store, it donest really fit me, and plus I already have a tulum pm, so it is a little similar to me.

    But thanks for your reply!! I apprecitae!!:heart:
  9. I think the popincourt haut would be nice, but if you want something more exciting, probably the MC Lodge :smile:
  10. I love the MC aurelia or maybe a piano?
  11. bh?
  12. popincourt hout, I tried at store, but doesnt really fit me. I like bh, but I think it maybe little too big,,,
  13. MC Lodge PM (but since you don't like it....--->) or MC Noé PM :yes:
  14. My suggestions:
    Ravello GM
    Looping MM
    Petit Noe
    Coussin GM
    Belem MM
  15. what about vernis items?
    biscainne bay?