Help to me pick which one to keep please!

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  1. [​IMG]

    See By Chloe Day Tripper. The purple one is the medium size that all the celebs had. The grey one is the large round shape bag.

    Please help me decide which to keep.
  2. I like the grey more.....
  3. the purple one!
  4. Colour-wise, I say keep the purple! That purple :drool:

    The grey bag looks larger so might be more practical to keep though.

    Tough decision!
  5. I would post a little action shot but I do no know how to "Attached Thumbnails" like most of the people did ( so the pic would not be gigantic)
  6. For some reason I prefer the shape of the grey one. I also think the purple is a bit too bright and pink.
  7. Purple. :smile:
  8. Def. purple!
  9. I would keep the purple. Both colours are nice so for me it would come down to which one would be easiest to carry which will be the medium because of the long shoulder strap. It will become versatile. The other can just stay in crook of arm.
  10. grey :yes:
  11. I vote for purple!
  12. Purple!!!
  13. Love the shape of the grey. But can not resist the purple colour. So purple!
  14. purple :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  15. purple!!!