Help To Make Decision About Reissue

  1. Hi,

    I am being offered 226 size Reissue in Purple.
    I love the 227 but they don't have it.

    They have red and olive green in 227 and 228.
    I am confused.

    I love the purple among all the colours, but love the 227 size!
    What should I do?
    I hear the Purple is the most coveted colour? Is this true?
    Will I regret buying the Red 227 or the Green in fact? I think the 228 is too large and too much for a metallic bag? What do you a;; think?

    AHHH confused!!!!!
  2. NOOOOO... Red metallic is highly sought after! If I'm not mistaken, there are only a few to go around in the US... and many are looking for the 227 size.

    The color is GORGEOUS, as witnessed by many wonderful pics by Mon and Viki (among others). I don't think you'll regret the red, but if its not your cup of tea, stick w/ the purple. Perhaps you can just get the 226 until you can get a 227 and then re-sell eBay? (You will more than likely get your $ back)
  3. you sounded like you really love the purple more among other colors. so i'd say, stick with it:yes: you won't regret it! i honestly prefer the 226 size in metallic purple. but if you really want it in 227. maybe you can still search for it? there might still be some floating around...GL on your decision!:smile:
  4. i think the red is actually a lot more sought after. :smile: but you should get what you love and not what others want! personally, the green isn't for me so if you love the 227, get the red, i don't think you'll regret it! :smile:
  5. Totally get the 228 for sure.
  6. I am absolutely :drool: after a red 2.55 but have exhausted my quota for buying bags this year.. :crybaby:

    The purple is definitely a very unique colour.. and if you love it then you should get it in the 226. It's not very much smaller than the 227. :smile:
  7. I would get the red 227. I have a navy 227 and I love it. If I could get my hands on a red 227 I would break my purse ban.

    The purple is beautiful but I worry that the 226 would limit you.

    If you are buying from a store with a great return policy I would buy both and see if you could get the purple 227. Also, this would give you time to look over both bags and make up your mind.

    You will love whatever you get because they are all beautiful. I think what makes it hard for all of us to decide is that we want them all!!!!
  8. the red is absolutely gorgeous! esp. in a 227! lucky girl!
  9. I would go for the olive green. It is such an elegant color. Or, the navy.
  10. I will get red 227
  11. Hmm, tough call! :sweatdrop: I actually prefer the metallic purple reissue in the 226 size, and actually, there isn't so much difference between the 226 and 227 sizes this season (the dimensions are slightly changed, and the added depth gives the "smaller" reissues more room). :yes: I personally did not love the metallic green reissue (I had and returned the 226... it's definitely misnamed, and should be called silver with green stitching). :p

    IMHO, a 228 metallic green reissue would not be something I'd fork over $$ for. :smile: It depends on the person of course, but for me, 228 in general is too big a bag. The ladies who have 228 reissues look fabulous with them, but it just doesn't suit me, so 227 is the largest I'd go. :smile:

    I would get the 227 red if I were you (great day bag), or the metallic purple 226 reissue (great day/day to evening bag), and it holds more than you think (unless you carry a ton). ;) :heart: Good luck! :tup:
  12. Size is less impt than colour, if u ask me; so i wld say, go for the colour u want the most.
  13. Thanks everyone for your help!:smile: I decided for Purple 226 and will get it this sat 9 am:smile:
  14. I would say go for the color you like better as well and compromise on the size

    actually, 226 is a great size, not too big, not too small. I really love it.
  15. I'm glad you chose purple. I am in total need of this bag, but in a 227. I have always loved metallic purple, I have a Gucci hobo in a similar color.