Help!To keep or not to Keep!

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  1. Hello fellow friends ,should i keep my rooster animal coin and key charm or take it bag and get me a CDC Hermes bracelet(ombre in lizard)?.I have the coin purse for over a week now and dont seem to find use for it , to small for a card(I dont carry change) or in that case anything since i am a guy i do not like the look of it as a bag charm.But at the same time is toooooo cute:P and great for my collection but it will sit in the closet and to use it as a key holder hurts my :heart:.I could keep both the cdc and coing purse but i dont want to .I am also considering the Bohemian spring summer bag in blue and give up the coin purse and CDC.Comments please will help.Thank You
  2. If you do not fins use for it, and it will sit there take it back for sure. Your collection should get used IMHO.
  3. If you don't think you'll get use out of it, then return it, and save for something you'll use. I agree with fashion_mom, your collection should get used!
  4. Quite simply, if you are doubting the purchase it should be returned.
  5. return it
  6. Thanks guys and what should i get?
  7. I'd go for the Bohemian! It's gorgeous!!!
  8. return!
  9. Return it and get the bracelet. At least you could wear that everyday.
  10. return it and get CDC!! :yes:
  11. Hermes bracelet!
  12. Return
  13. CDC Hermes bracelet is tdf!! get it!
  14. Retur it, and get the bracelet:smile:
  15. No contest - Hermes bracelet!