HELP. To keep or not to keep...?

  1. On Christmas eve i bought the westbury bag from on sale for a great price. I was so excited as this is my first burberry bag, but when i came to the forum i was dismayed at the fact that it is know to have dye transfers. I tried to cancel the order, i even stayed up late to call But it had already been shipped. So, i don't know if only certain burberry have that prob. or all of them. If i keep it i will worry about the dyes but if i return it i will be out of shipping cost which is high because i don't live in the contigouis USA states. What is your opinion? Thank you for your time.

  2. Hmm..I am honestly not a fan of this purse. & if it's giving you too many doubts, I say you could maybe sell it?
  3. I would keep it.
  4. I like the Westbury bag. It's really big but not heavy. Wait until you receive it and see what you think when you see it IRL. :yes:
  5. My bag is going to be delivered today, I think i am going to keep it. But i just have to be really careful on colour transfer. Thank you for your help gals i do appreciate it.