Help!! To Irene or Not to Irene?

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  1. I fell in love with the Irene the moment I saw it. However, I already have 3 Canvass bags - Galliera PM, NF MM and Tivoli GM. I'm having second thoughts on whether I should get the Irene. If I do, I will have a total of 4 Canvass bags which might be too much.

    Any advice?
  2. If you luv it...get it as Irene is LE bag. If you would like to get other than canvass bag, more colourful...try vernis (am not a fan of vernis), suhali, epi or other canvas bag such as damier....

    What about accessories...the price of Irene, you can get more than 3 accessories...try SLG. Good luck!
  3. Irene for sure!
  4. i felt the same way- thats why im not buying/wanting anymore classic mono bags. BUT, i would def get the irene.....its gorge, and LE. you'll regret it if you dont buy it now
  5. I love Irene -- it's gorgeous!!
  6. If you love it than get it. I love irene!!!!!
  7. Go for it or else, you might regret later for not getting the irene. Maybe after the irene, stop buying the classic mono and diversify into other LV lines?:idea:
  8. I love Irene! I'd def go for it! I don't think you can ever have too many mono bags!
  9. Get the IRENE!!!!
  10. Get it!!!!!
  11. If you can still get the Irene I say go for it. I was told that it's sold out nationwide. I don't even see it online anymore. Good Luck!
  12. you should get it
  13. I say get it even though you already have several mono bags. The Irene stands alone and will not look anything like what you currently own plus it won't be around very long, it's still showing out of stock online.
  14. i wouldn't really compare the irene to the other mono bags because it's shape and the way it's made is not everyone has the irene :]
  15. Love this bag! Get it!