Help! To indulge in a pre-loved Chanel?

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  1. Hello ladies!

    This is my first time posting in here, and I really need all of you wonderful ladies' expertise with Chanel bags on this one.

    So I've recently come across a reputable reseller of designer bags here in Bangkok who owns a store. I've had my eye on a bag for a while, but it is slightly out of my budget range for bags, so I'm a little weary to splurge. The bag however is a rare Chanel CC Bindi Tote which came out two years ago. So I went to the store to have a look yesterday and I do love it, but the price held me back a little, also the color, as I love a black bag and don't tend to stray away.

    So I have attached the picture. It is still in great condition, lightly worn, but overall lovely. It has the glazed calfskin, lambskin and sting ray detail which I love! It is now selling for a little over half its original price from 2012.

    What do you ladies think? Should I treat myself to this rare Chanel? Help!!!

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  2. Half the price?!!

    Yes. Treat yourself. It's very pretty and color is easy to match!!
  3. I really like that color!! I know I would indulge :smile:
  4. I think original retail price was around $5,000, now going for about $2,400. So actually just under half the original RRP. Thanks for your help and input! Seriously considering it now.

    Yes, I honestly can't stop thinking about it! Thanks for your help!
  5. Nice! I love the color, go for it!:smile:
  6. The answer is YES. The bag is beautiful and for about half price... If I go to Bangkok I'll ask for the store information.:lol: I love traveling in Asia, but I've never been to Thailand.
  7. I think it is lovely! I vote yes:smile:)
  8. Thank you!

    Yes please feel free to ask me, that picture is actually taken from their Instagram! Let me know if you want to check it out!

    Thank you :smile:

    Ladies, thank you all for your help! In the end I went for it!!! I'm pretty darn happy about it too, it's my first Chanel.

  9. Congratulations on your Chanel! Post pics when you get her:biggrin:
  10. the color is so good :smile:
  11. yay!!! congrats :biggrin: i was going to say yes anyway ;)
  12. Glad you bite the bullet and own your first Chanel :party: It's really special piece as first Chanel :yes:
  13. Congrats; can't wait to see your photos!
  14. Love it! Best to get it authenticated though.
  15. Congrats, the bag is beautiful.