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  1. Hi LV experts,
    I was given a bag with receipt originally purchased in Hong Kong. Second hand purchase was on eBay. Bag still has tag on it and handle is still wraped in cellophane.
    The description is M92649 Leonor Multicolor Blanc. The inside of this bag is red suede stamped with the LV Paris, made in France. Yes it has the dust cove but no box. I know nothing about LV's as i am a Chanel lover. I am going to take it to the LV store but until I do could anyone give me any information regarding this bag as to what to look for?:angel:

    Thank you for any and all information.
    Learning about Louie
  2. Bag still has tag on it? Sounds like a fake?
  3. huh? I can't see it

    Edit: never mind lol... Ummm ya, can't help you much cuz there's no pic

    PS: from your description, all I can say is the inside is alcantara...... which is man-made suede I believe, not real suede
  4. thank you for the site, it is exactly the same bag. I am going to take it to the LV boutique tomorrow to verify authenticity. one problem bag smells like cigrette smoke. ugh!!!
  5. ^^ Do a search in this forum. There are many ideas on how to get rid of the smell. ;)
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    I brought the below bag on eBay and I went to Selfridge London LV store to check and was told it is real, so I brought a new lock for it, which has the LV recepit. I now sold this bag to an US buyer who has only 1 transaction before. I was a bit scared that it could be a scam. Now I sent to the buyer, he/ she now open the case and said the LV bag is fake. I think he/ she is trying to keep the bag without paying. Please can anyone help me to double confirm that the below bag is real. I have copy the link. which shall have pictures of the bag on it. I will need this double confirm to send to eBay to win the case. please help. many thanks. pictures have been upoloaded and the link of the bag is below

    the item number is: *
    the web: *
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
  7. The bag seems real to me!
  8. The proper place for this question is here

    Thread dedicated to identify style/name/number.
    You can do a search or post photos.

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  10. You can verify authenticity here -

    And you can start your own thread in the eBay forum on how to best handle the matter -

    Further - please do not link your own auctions, this is forbidden under our rules ! -

    Thanks ! :yes:
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