Help to ID a beautiful veritcal quilted Tote bag

  1. I was at the movies last night, and saw a lady carrying a really beautiful tote bag, and I would love to know who it was by! Unfortunately, I have no photo, so here is my best description:

    - Fairly large (about 20 inches deep, about 15 or 16 inches wide - it was deeper than it was wide)

    - Matte black leather

    - Had vertical seaming, perhaps lightly quilted (A bit like a Chloe Bay)

    - 2 handles; short enough to be hand held or in nook of arm, long enough to be carried on the shoulder

    It reminded me a bit of Chloe and YSL, but I have no idea if it actually was either of those brands. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!
  2. I just remembered, I think it also had large leather tabs on the zipper pulls on the top zipper closure.

    Any ideas?
  3. Could it have been a Tods Restyled D Bag Tote Media? These are new from Tods. You can find them at for $1350.00
  4. ^ no that wasn't it, but that bag is lovely! It wasn't as wide at the bottom, and it had the vertical quilting.
  5. Here's the quilted Chloe bay tote. Was it this?

  6. ^ It did look a lot like that one, but the vertical quilting went right to the top, and the handles came right out from the top too, not attached to the side. I think my search is futile, maybe it was an unknown brand... :sad:
  7. Miu Miu? Not sure if they made a N/S tote:

  8. Silver Hardware? Maybe a Chanel Mademoiselle (sp?) bag.
  9. Did you ever find this bag?

    Just saw this bag with vertical quilt stitching, so I'm bumping this post. It's by Aleya NY.