Help to find out what kind of bag?

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  1. Hi, Im totally new to this forum and have a predicament I need your help with.

    My neighbor does not have internet access and brought me a Coach bag that he would like to sell. He said he bought it in Vegas a few years ago for close to 300.00...his wife decided to let his 2 yr old daughter use it as a crayon bag and he swiped it. Anywho, he doesnt know what kind of bag or have receipts or anything for it.

    Its small handbag style, its embossed with an imprint that says "Coach Leatherware est. 1941" and its like a purple/mauve color with brown satin coach logo liner inside. It doesnt say anything else or have tags inside. Im not an expensive purse person so I dont know a thing. Ive done a few searches online for "coach leatherware purple suede handbags" and havent come up with anything that looks like this bag.

    Can anyone please help me figure out what kind of bag this is? I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Try the coach forum . . . I bet they can help you more.
  3. Thank You, I will =)