Help to find Cabas in Vinyl PLease

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  1. I am still trying really hard to find this bag!!!!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.:tup:
  2. I know you must really want this bag. Unfortunately, this bag is long sold out. Your best bet will be ebay, but be prepared to pay more than retail for it, as it is still in demand. Be sure to post any items you may find in the authenication thread first so you can be sure it isn't a fake.

    And also, just as a tip, it would be best to just bump your original thread rather than to start a new one. It clutters the forum unnecessarily, and you will probably get a better response if you do it that way. :smile:
  3. OK, understood. Thanks
  4. Lolas, have you seen the new "Rock Collection" for pre-fall? It is the same vinyl used on the cabas but new styles. There is a thread about it if you want to see pics. The NM in San Antonio had both styles in black and I love the large one better than the coco cabas.
  5. if you post that again, we'll have to ban you.
    please re-read our rules before posting anymore.

  6. I don't know if you saw my other post re: the pink reporter, but I just wanted to point out again that buying and selling is not allowed on the forum, and this is for the safety of everyone! Thanks!
  7. ^^ Yeah I think any mention of this will lead to trouble. Anyway..the preloved one on ebay looks great, but if that's not for you I guess you're only options are the rock, or another type of cabas. Sorry, I wish they still made them.
  8. Thank you, yes I looked at the pics, but my heart still belongs to the Coco Cabas. I know it will take time, and some of the second hand designer shops in London have had and sold them, so I will be patient
  9. There are some on ebay that are brand new. And I have seen couple of them in Yahoo! Auctions Hong Kong too!
  10. Thanks, I guess that is the only route to go now.
  11. i was on the list at saks for the vinyl cabas and i got it immediately when it came out and sent it back because i thought it looked like a trash bag but now ive seen some people with it and i really regret sending it back. but i want the leather version so badly.