HELP! To Exchange, or not to exchange

  1. purchased the porte valuers in damier 5 days ago, been looking on the catalogue, and ive spotted a bag that i wanted, its called the olav pm in damier, and i want IT!:yahoo:. should i exchange my wallet to get it. thanks

  2. go for it! If you really love the bag more than wallet, I'd exchange it in a :heart: beat! :yes:
  3. i'd exchange the wallet for the bag. why? because it's a wallet v. a handbag. handbag wins.
  4. I would exchange it for the bag too:tup:
  5. Would definitely exchange the wallet for the bag. The bag looks VERY useful!
  6. Oh, definitely exchange the wallet for that bag! The Olav PM is a great bag, one which I want badly!!
  7. Exchange it and get the bag!
  8. Exchange it for the bag!!
  9. Go for the Bag! It is awesome!
  10. Definitely go for the bag!!
  11. If you want the bag, I would get it.
  12. yess i support you 100%!!!! thats the bag i have and itsssss amaziinggggg!!!!!!!
  13. Most definitely - exchange!
  14. go for Olav
  15. It depends ... do you need the wallet or the bag more?