help to decied please!

  1. i'm very interesting in this bag Katie is using. I love it, but i'm afraid it's too big, because i would like a small/mediun bag.anyone here has it?what do you think about it?do you think i shoud buy it?


  2. this bag is not big,just the perfect size
    this one has a with metal plaque version(I am not sure if it is this one)

    I am talkin about this one,but this is only handheld
  3. I don't think its too big at all. I've only seen the above^ one in person too, but it looks almost the same as Katie's. Is there any way you can see it in person before you get it?

  4. thanks ladies.

    That's the problem.i can't see it in person before buy it because it will be my mother who goes to Paris that will buy it for me.i'm love it and i really want it but i have some doubts, your opinios are helping me.
    more opinions please?

  5. Fairly, I was considering it for myself fut I found it too "small" and Im not a basket player (5'9").
  6. thanks for all the reports. i apreeciate.
    i would like to read more opinions please, but i think this Prada boar is not so active as the others unhappy!
  7. up!
  8. Here's the exact bag. Have a look. Yes, Styledrops is legit.

    You may have to hit your reload/refresh button to see all the pictures. For some reason Styledrops links are that way. :shrugs:
  9. ^^^I just came back from NM and they had that exact bag there. Verrrry nice! Amazing to see a new Prada under $1500 these days!
  10. thanks for your report prada phsyco!
    but which color do you think is more beautiful?the one in your photo or mine?

  11. ^^^I'd go with the black, but that's me.
  12. thanks Prada Phsyco!
  13. I think the size of that bag is just perfect.
  14. OMG DO NOT GET THE ONE WITHOUT THE METAL HARDWARE IN FRONT!!!! It's the Prada national Ad bag and it's so fabulous in person!!!! NOT TOO BIG at all I promise. I just bought it in black from Nordy's but only because I purchased the matching elbow gloves otherwise I would have bought the degrade pinky gray color. Why are you getting it in Paris? If you purchase it from a department store you'll save money plus then you can return it if it's not the right bag for you! But trust me the bag is breathe taking and one of my personal favorites!
    My favorite SA Marie at Nordys in Bellevue can set u up with pics if u want
    Let me know how it goes, as a fellow glace' zipper (thats what the collection is called) lover I must know~!