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Jan 30, 2007
United States
Hi everyone, I can't decide on what I should get next. I recently acquired a Lindy 30 in feu and I love it so much. Being the color is very bright, I can only take her out on the weekend and only if the weather is nice out :smile:

Since the Lindy, I think I am getting a bit obsessed with Hermes (I have always been a Chanel girl but recently I feel like to venture out to Hermes as I already own a few Chanel bags). So now here is the story, I always want a b/k in gold or black but since I hear that it's really hard to get one unless you build a good relationship with your SA and you need to buy a lot of non bag purchases to meet the quota? (True?). Right now on my wish list, I also want a garden party in gold or black as a work horse and also am Evelyn for vacation and also a Picotin in MM just for a casual weekend. I know eventually I will acquire these pieces but just a matter of time. However my friend has told me that since I just got the Lindy, why not just to enjoy her now, and save and keep buying these non leather goods from your SA first and hopefully a b or k will be offered to me?

I have a few bags already. A few chanel pieces, using a balenciaga and a Chloe Paraty as a work horse for now and also forgot to mention, at my work environment, people don't tend to use anything expensive.. The next girl with a nice bag to work would be a Michael kors or just a LV neverfull. My Chanel pieces are only used on weekend as well.

So I just can't decide on what to do, sorry for a long post...

Oh also forgot to mention.. Hub doesn't know about my dream bag of a b/k.. So I am so worried that he will freak out when he finds out the tags on these expensive bags... And this is why i am thinking to add these non b/k bags to my collection first then to a b/k? Lol

Thanks everyone for reading my long post and please help me to decide!!

Here are the bags that I want to get to get:

Birkin / Kelly in black or gold
Everlyn in black or etoupe in GM or gold in PM
Picotin in red, gold or black in MM
garden party in gold or black on medium


Feb 15, 2012
I remember your feu lindy reveal. It is a beautiful bag.

As your friend said, I would consider just enjoying your lindy for now, especially since you don't carry it much.

In terms of next bag, I would consider getting a bag that you can use at work. If that means the garden party, then that's what I would get. I think Hermes purses are too expensive to wear just occasionally (and it seems you have a lot of purses that compete for weekend wear). But that's just me. I like to get mileage out of my Hermes purses!

As for scoring a Birkin or a Kelly, I think it is true that you have to develop a good relationship with an SA. I'm not sure it is entirely correct that you have to make non-leather good purchases. It depends on the SA you are working with. It also depends on the store you shop at.

Finally, consider getting your husband used to the idea you want a Birkin or a Kelly and warm him up to its cost. Again, and this is my personal opinion, these purses are significant enough of a purchase (and you have to spend a bit first before you can even be offered one) that you may want his buy-in.

Good luck!

Kitty S.

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Dec 21, 2012
I totally agree that H bags are too expensive to just sit in your closet (Chanel bags too for that matter). I also agree to consider buying a bag that you can use for work, although I personally can't use GP for work because it doesn't go on my shoulder and too big for me to carry on my arm. Evelyn is great if you are looking for a crossbody, although it would be another weekend bag for you.
How about looking into SLG to put inside your Lindy? scarves or jewelry to go with it?


Jan 17, 2009
i think maybe kelly makes sense its a very chic bag you can get it new or an amazing vintage very Hermes and since you like chanel and lindy i think you like the shoulder option so a kelly would be a great bag or a 25cm birkin im so in love with 25cm right now that i just think you should go for it !!!!


Apr 20, 2013
Baltimore, NYC
I agree with your friend. Enjoy your Lindy until you find something you absolutely love. All of items on your list are great choices but your preference of colors might change as time goes. Give yourself a little time.

Btw no one at my work wears expensive bags either (actually mainly men at my work) but I carry all of my H bags to work including B and K. People might think I'm crazy but who cares? I believe I'm judged by my work, not by my choice of bags. 😉


Apr 20, 2008
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once you've been bitten by the H bug it's like a drug.

just save up, don't touch essential savings and just go with the flow.

when i was a newbie i wanted to get everything! but with patience and 6 years have passed and now i'm content.

so just enjoy your lindy and wait, wait and wait some more until the right time comes.

for b / k i've decided to go to the reseller route because i got sick and tired of waiting.

btw i found my evelyne gm3 quite heavy and my bag style now is handheld + shoulder strap combo. even my "travel bag" so kelly is heavy as well. no i don't load it up. I don't have a double sens (great bag btw, will get one when the right combo comes along) but it's one bag to consider.

good luck!


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Jan 30, 2007
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Thanks everyone for your great advices!!! Yes I shouldn't really be rushing into buying another bag.. I just hope there won't be another price increase soon :smile:


Jan 7, 2009

I'm pretty new to Hermès, but here's what I think: Only get what you really want. Don't get things bc you feal that you have to reach a certain quota.

I'd rather go the reseller road than spend money on stuff that I'm not excited about. Plus I feel that "relationship-thing" depends on the store/ location.
I went shopping last weekend to get my first H-bag (Evelyn). I also purchased a twilly and matching Oran sandals (not sexy but comfy).
It was my first trip to this store (although it's my local store). I had a very friendly SA and while waiting for the stuff to be wrapped up. I told her that I'm rather new to H bags and wanted to know if it's really that hard to get a B or K as I've read some stories on the internet.
She said yes and told me that it depends on the store. Some have closed their waiting lists and it got a little crazy with SOs. But this store is almost done with the list. Plus she explained that H only sees 20% of worldwide leather production suitable for their products. H has opened too many boutiques world wide and can't meet demand right now bc they also need more artisans. But learning takes time (at least 5 years and more for B and K). She also stated that it is not true that H keeps supply low on purpose.
So after her nice little speach she asked me if I wanted one.
I said, well not now maybe later. She said "Let me write you down my name and if you want one give me a call in like 3 months and I'll get you one." So she gave me her card asked if I wanted some perfume samples (Sure!) and then DH and I left the store.
She didn't say a word about meeting a certain quota being an H costumer to get a B or K. Plus Germans are known to be straight so No bag for you means no bag. So I don't think she was fibbing about being able to get me one.
Sorry for my bad english :whistle:



Feb 18, 2010
Thanks everyone for your great advices!!! Yes I shouldn't really be rushing into buying another bag.. I just hope there won't be another price increase soon :smile:
There's an increase at the beginning of each year that's for sure. This year the price went up quite a fair bit but don't let that rushes you into buying -- each bag needs to make your heart sings or you won't reach for it very often.