Help to decide which to keep!


Oct 9, 2006
So this is my first time starting a thread on the Hermes forum :biggrin:

I would like to seek the help of the lovely tpfers here goes:
Which gold birkin should I keep? Sadly, I can only keep one in gold.

Gold birkin 35 in Swift or,
Gold birkin 35 in Togo

Both are palladium hardware.

The swift looks really pretty in the gold but I am just afraid that with use it will have lots of scratches and corner rubs. With the togo, the gold is less of a pop of color but will be quite resilient with general use due to the nature of its leather.

I can't decide if I should go for the pop of color on the swift and just be more careful with it or go for togo which will fair better with every day use.

Please help :P Thanks everyone


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
Togo (looks unanimous) :biggrin:

Like you said swift would be prone to scratches and rub. Because it's a 35cm, it'll be even more unavoidable.

IMO, the Togo texture looks very nice and in gold it looks classic!

Jing Ling

Nov 13, 2009
Logically speaking, you should keep the Togo. But I do understand your feeling. A gold color on swift leather is a real beauty. Well... I guess if you plan to use the Birkin as your everyday bag, you have to let go the swift...


Jan 17, 2009
o! depends on your taste, but gold i promissed myself not to buy in togo. because when you say hermes gold and togo seem very close to the concept understandable its a beauty i got it in 40cm fjord just not to go for togo . and the look of it is so different. so go for swift its different perfect chic, subtle, yet maleable sporty but so classic the sense of pride and class a birkin gives is only enhanced by the divinity of swift it takes your personality and adapts to your body and yet when starightened it taks its shape back SWIFT SWIFT SWIFT! its so perfect divine in all ways i have the pictures of mine in my album its black and possibly my best bag swift gold - hermes perfection!


Got the H bug!
Mar 3, 2010
In H Heaven
I'm not a fan of togo, I prefer the look of swift but would not own a swift. Swift gold is beautiful, but swift is not as durable and resilient as togo. But I don't prefer togo leather..sooo, sorry I'm not helping. If you are harder on your bag, then go with togo. If you are very cautious and rotate your bags often then I would go with swift. For everyday wear is not a good idea. Depends on your lifestyle. I love the look of the swift more though.