help to decide speedy 25 in .......

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  1. Please help me friend to decide, she wants to purchase the speedy 25 but cannot make up her mind wheather to get it in the EPI leather or the Diamier or Azur.
    I think the EPI LEATHER will not sag like the canvas material. What do you think?
    Ladies please give her !!!

  2. Is she looking for a Speedy that will not sag? A lot of people actually want the Speedy because it will sag, lol, but I've never liked the sagging quality, which is one of the reasons I never purchased the Speedy, even though it's a gorgeous bag!

    The Epi Leather speedy will hold its structure better than either the Damier Azur or the Damier Canvas, but between the Azur and Canvas, I tend to think the Canvas will hold up better, but that's just me! I just happen to love the Damier Canvas style and colors more, lol, so that might be why I'd prefer it.

    Good luck to her, and no matter what she purchases, I'm sure she'll love it!!!
  3. I'd vote for the damier or the epi. Both are really classy and would match with a lot of things.
  4. The Epi Speedy will be a little bit bigger than the Damier/ Azur ones, and it won't sag. I vote for Azur or Ivoire Epi!
  5. Epi Ivoire!!
  6. If your friend does not want the sag, she should go for an epi. I have one and it does not sag like the canvas ones. I love the epi speedy - it is one of the bags I get the most compliments on.
  7. Epi :smile: or Azur
  8. Epi.
  9. i have a mono and an epi. the epi keeps its shape, even with stuff in it. the mono sags immediately.. but witth the mono you can just put a fashion mag or something on the bottom to give it some support and it will help the sag.

    i just bought my speedy 25 in blk epi and i have never been happier with a bag. she is just gorgeous. and the size is fantastic bc a epi 25 is just about the size of a mono 30. just a tad smaller!
  10. [​IMG]

    just love this little bugger. excuse my bruised and pale legs.
  11. I like epi!! ...its doesnt sag that much and its beautiful!
  12. I like the Azur but it's a bit more difficult to find!
  13. go for the epi not everyone has it because most people now a days go for the azur, but im not a really fan of the azur and damier, and epi is more sophisticated in so many ways more than one
  14. I like the Epi!:smile:
  15. Epi hands down!