Help to decide!please

  1. Hi ladies!

    this time i need your help more than ever. I can't decide alone wich of these two bags buy.:p
    I love both, but i only can buy one, so i'm livig a big (but good) conflict, because i don't know which choose.So please give me your opinions.Tell me wich would you choose.I need all help of this world!

    thanks a lot

    eBay: Auth Chanel classic flap bag patchwork NWT w/receipt (item 130081608977 end time Mar-20-07 15:11:55 PDT)

    eBay: 100%AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON FRINGE MULTI COLORED PURSE (item 180092529293 end time Mar-09-07 07:26:48 PST)
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  3. Personally I don't like either of them. But if I had to choose one I like the Chanel more. :yes:
  4. thanks Laria!i apreciate!

    anyone please?
  5. Sorry, don't like them. Those price tags I don't like much either!:confused1:
  6. Chanel, definitely.
  7. I also just noticed that the price was really high on them. But if you completely love it, then you know it's for you.
  8. I don't like either. And for that much money I would stay away from eBay!!!!!!
  9. but which one would you choose?

    thanks for replying!
  10. LV, but I agree, for that price, I am not fond of either. Sorry:s
  11. Ugh I defnitely dont like the LV fringe. So I will vote for the Chanel.
  12. Very funky choices. :supacool: I think I would have to go with the Chanel but it is close.
  13. I don't like either of them either, and I agree that for those prices you should go into an actual boutique to purchase something. But to answer your question, between the two I would go for the Chanel, definitely.
  14. fringe is so not my thing... chanel if i had to, but honestly, eBay + that price = something i wouldn't reckon with!
  15. i'm not really a fan of either, but if i HAD to pick i would choose the chanel bag. but i'd be careful spending that much money on something that you arent positive if its real or not. you might as well go to a store and get it.