Help To Decide Miu Miu Coffer Black Or Plum

  1. Dear PFers, I hv been eyeing on a coffer since January and have placed order with the Singapore boutique. Now they call me for the black one. Well, my 1st choice is the yummy plum but there is long waiting list. I would like to know your advice shd i go ahead and grab the black one or shd i wait for the plu? How is the demand of coffer in other countries, says Hong Kong or USA, can i easily get the plum? And if anyone can provide me with how much it cost there? In singapore, it costs SGD2,200.00. Tia.:confused1:
  2. this is a hard question..I am thinking the same thing for myself (if i can get rid off my ban)

    if you don't have great (designer) bag you might go with the blac ..on the other hand plum is a great color and would go with anything I thinki,like black...but did you see plum IRL..because pictures of the plum can be tricky online
  3. I don't have Coffer bags but I have seen the black Coffer IRL. It is very pretty; however, I think plum is more unique. If I could buy one only, I'd wait for Plum.
  4. HI, i have a coffer in black and its a very classic bag! The plum is nice as well but bear in mind that the plum is not a classic color though.. either way both color are nice.. I have attached some pixs for your reference though (guess i'm not much of a help here eh) :p However either color you chose, the coffer is a great bag in & out. Its my top fav amongst my other bag... :roflmfao:
    coffer.jpg coffer1.jpg coffer2.jpg
  5. Thanks Justified: Wish you can come out of your ban, let us know when you got you next buy.
    HandbagAngel: Yes, Plum is very unique. I hv not seen it IRL but i saw the pix on purseforum.
    Teddyraph: Hey, u r fm SG too. Love your black. Yes, i know black is classic and will not go out of fashion, that's why i'm so distress!
    I've called up the HK Miu Miu store and they hv plum in stock, they also trying to sell me the lastest green, have anyone of you seen the green IRL, is it worth a try?
    Anyone can tell me how much coffer cost in USA?
  6. Hi, i just collected my coffer in plum 2 weeks ago. Gosh.. i must be really lucky that i have gotten the plum. I was on the waiting list some months back. I dropped by the store 2 weeks ago and the SA happened to have a coffer in plum n asked me whether i will want to give it a try.
    Wel, the rest is history... U placed your reservation at Paragon too?
  7. I have seen a a green coffer over net-a-porter. Apparently it seems to be last season colour since it has been on the web before the plum were in.
  8. I think it really depends. Do you have many black bags, do you think you will wear the black a lot. The black is a very useful color, and if you dont want to wait then you could take - black is a classic color after all. The plum is a great color, its a lot more brown imo than plum. Its a dark color as well. How long would you have to wait to get the plum?
  9. Hey, acutally i heard that the plum is on a lonnnng waiting list here in SG.. so B2B3M4 u r really lucky to get hold of the plum!!! But I have also checked out net-a-porter they have the plum as well.. I almost click on 'buy' price 2 weeks ago... arrgh. But thank god I stopped in time.. he hee.
  10. b2b3b4: You're really lucky. The SA told me it is almost impossible to wait for the plum in SG. Do you prefer it much more than the black? Do you find it easy to match your outfit? & thks for the info that Green is not so latest. I think i still prefer plum cos it is close to dark brown but yet not brown. It is kind of unusual, right?
    noon: Yeap, i know that black will not go wrong. It is just that the plum is too pretty to let go, but i worry that i will regret later once it is out of season. Btw, i hv not seen it IRL.
    teddyraph: oh, teddy, u mean u still thinking of buying the plum when you got the black, hv you seen the plum IRL?
    Anyone, pls let me know how much it cost if i buy it in USA?
  11. Rain fan, temptation got hold of me at that moment:sweatdrop:
  12. the coffer is $1450 if I am not mistaken...if I can get out of my ban,then I will def. post the pictures
  13. YES !!!!!!! :tup: The plum is so, so much better than the black. U can actually see the plum IRL at Paragon. Its a sample piece according to the SA, so its not meant for sale. The other color which i think is really nice is white, but it gets dirty really easily, so i wouldn't very much suggest it.

    U can buy from US website but after conversion and adding shipping. It actually works out to be more costly by a couple of hundreds. Not to mention that u will still be charged GST when your bag arrives in SG. S$2,200 already includes GST.

  14. I did asked the SA abt why it took so long to come to SG. According to him, only 1-2 pieces come to SG at a time. And he was very sure the supply will not be able to meet the demand on the waiting list.
    i really do not understand, it is available over quite a few US website but so limited in SG. And the bags may take even longer to come over to SG. According to the Bottega Veneta SA, it is a holidays in Italy now. So shipment for bags will be slow.
    I very thicked skinned, i called up my SA every week ever since i see it available on net-a-porter.
  15. This is a VERY VERY hard choice but I'd have to go w/ black. I'd say you can get the plum later but black is a very classic and classy color to start with.