Help to decide between Eva, Kate or Shirley?

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  1. Hello TPFrs I always came here to try find a way to decide,
    I just can choose one at this time I need a small bag to go
    out, I just have big bags, And I my SA call me today telling
    the Kate are on hold for me just this week, and I saw right now
    one Shirley at let trade. I cannot decide, please help guys.
    Sorry for the bad english.
  2. :heart: EVA :heart:
  3. I love my Kate she's purrrfect
  4. Eva!:yes::love:
  5. KATE..............she is trim......darling LE wristlet!!!!
    i have her and love her!!!
  6. I say Eva - I love how versatile she is. It looks great dressed up or really casual with the long strap. My second choice would be Kate.
  7. eva or kate. I love the kate though
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions I will be at store Monday morning to check Kate IRL, I just saw that clutch here at TPF. :smile:
  9. I LOVE my Kate!! :love:
    Check the Kate-club.. ;)
  10. Eva. I have her and love her. She is very versatile....................
  11. shirley!!!!!!! i wish they hadn't have retired it. its such a fun little bag
  12. eva!!
  13. eva !!! i love mine ... i just wished they had a bigger version for an everyday bag that would be the best
  14. Eva!!!
  15. Eva