Help to contact someone about our transaction

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  1. I sold a purse to someone that has been strange in our communication I felt uneasy every step of the way.I sent several messages letting her know the purse was shipped She keeps sending me emails asking the status of the purse.Is it possible when someone has aol their inbox keeps kicking messages back.Any other way to contact someone I dont want her thinking Im ignoring her messages if she really isnt getting them.Im starting to really regret this sale.It wasnt on Ebay so I cant contact her that way.
  2. ^^How did you sell it? From another site or just via Paypal e.t.c? If your e-mail messages weren't being delivered, you would receive a "delivery failure notification" so otherwise there is no reason she wouldn't be getting them - unless they've gone into SPAM and she hasn't realised. Having said that, i assume you were in contact originally through the same e-mail address so that is unlikely.

    Did you send it with a tracking number? How long is it supposed to take to arrive? I would give it a little more time but rule of thumb, if you feel uneasy about a transaction don't go through with it - remember there is always still the possibility of a chargeback off of Ebay so it's just as risky....
  3. Have you googled her? You can sometimes find a phone number that way. Pick up the phone and call her, if you don't mind her seeing your own phone number (or else use another, public phone).

    If you shipped it, did you provide tracking info? That's the easiest way for her to know when it'll arrive, if it's a domestic sale.

    Sometimes you do what you can do. Beyond that she needs to be patient, so long as it arrives in a normal timeframe.