Help to certify a rolex watch I inherited?

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Is it an original watch?

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  2. No

  3. I don't know

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  1. Hello,

    My father just passed away last sunday, at the age of 64. He left me a watch, that was left, in turn, by his father, that died when my father was 7.

    I have no idea how long this watch has been in the family, or if it is real or not. I will wear it regardless, as it is a family heirloom one way or the other.

    I know it has been kept in a box for approximately 30 years or so, just leaving it today, when my mother gave it to me.

    I just don't want to go into a Rolex shop with a fake Rolex to change the battery and whatever else might be needed.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  2. I wouldn't be embarrassed to go into an AD and just ask if the watch is authentic, just tell them the circumstances and say you want to find out if it is real. They won't laugh at you or anything.

    I'm sorry for your loss...
  3. My guess would be the watch case is authentic, but the band was added on at a later date. I have a similar rolex and it is called "cellini". They have a simple leather band. If you look at the color of the band and then look at the color,of the watch casr, they do not appear to match.

    It is lovely and by all means take it in to an authorized rolex jeweler. They will assist. They will probably recommend a thorough inspection and cleaning of the watch. I love this style. I have several different color watch bands and love to switch them out.

    Lastly, truly sorry for your loss, Losing a parent is rough.

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  4. I'm very sorry for your loss. However we ask that questions relating to authenticity go into the authentication thread. Kindly consider reposting there without the poll. Thanks for your understanding b
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