HELP! To Buy or Not to Buy?!

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  1. Hi fellow purse lovers,

    So I'm having an existential crisis... well, not really but I sure could use some advice.

    I'm currently saving hard for my holy grail bag (that I'll be buying in Paris at the end of September), however... after swearing off browsing handbag websites recently I found this Chanel handbag earlier this week :wacko:

    So my question is, should I buy it? Is it a reasonable price & does anyone have any idea what year it might be from?

    I'm really finding myself smitten over this bag despite not really being able to afford it. It seems like it's in pretty good condition but I'm just so torn. :lecture:

    I'd be so grateful for all of you to play devils advocate & give me your thoughts.
  2. I'm usually quite willing to enable people, but you have answered your own query (see bold text from what you typed). You are saving hard, you really can't afford it, so wait for your coveted bag in Paris. Think how much more it will mean when you get it in Paris. Put photos of Paris up as your wallpaper and don't browse. Keep the goal in mind.
  3. Tutushopper has summed it up so well! Don't cave in to an impulse now, keep your goal in mind and stay focused!! Keep visualizing your trip to the Chanel boutique to collect your Holy Grail...

    Stay strong!
    E x
  4. Will buying this bag slow down your quest to buy your HG in Paris? If so, be strong and resist! ☺️ Your trip will come soon enough and I promise you it'll be worth it!
  5. I also recommend just waiting to buy a bag in Paris....but do you know that they will have it in stock for you?? Chanel inventory varies by store and by day, so a specific bag may not be available for you to purchase. Just a bit of friendly info in case you are not aware :smile:

  6. Reading all of your replies, I honestly couldn't agree with you more. Im blacklisting myself from looking at it again!

    I'm going to be in Paris a few days before fashion week so I'm hoping to god that they'll have my bag in stock due to the incoming fashion crowd. I'm aware that there are usually wait lists etc but I guess all I can do is cross my fingers & toes that it's there!
  7. Buy the bag that you love in Paris, it means much more with the boutique experience. Forget about the one you saw on the site, personally, that tote is too boxy at the corners. I wouldn't get it although the price is attractive.