Help! To buy or not to buy.. black boxcalf HAC

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  1. Guys, I just got informed by a private boutique that there's a black boxcalf HAC available. This boutique is reliable, I bought my 1st bj birkin over there and there was no problem at all. I have always love boxcalf and has been dying for a black one. The only problem is I wanted a 30 birkin and not a 32 HAC. I dunno why, I never really like the shape of the HAC (no offence HAC gals... *ducking*). Also, I just got a 30 black togo not a long time ago. I haven't use it yet.

    Do you think I should take a look at the HAC or just forget about it and wait for a 30 cm? Black boxcalf is not easy to get, at least where I'm at, so I'm kinda torn.
    And if I do get the boxcalf HAC, what should I do about the black togo?
  2. if the price isn't sky-high, i say try it out. you'll be able to unload that baby easy if you find it really isn't for you.
  3. I am a HAC lover but if you don't care for the shape, then definitely don't settle. Do go and take a quick peek at it though just to make sure you prefer the 30. I think the 32 HAC is more in line with the 35 vs the 30 so you may feel the 32 is too big.
    To me box in 32 and togo in 30 are way different bags...especially if they have different hw. is the hw the same on both?
  4. You need to look and try it on. I think you'll know when you see it.
  5. I think it depends on the percentage of you actually liking the HAC once its in your hands. If it's good, go for it. If its not, dont settle!
  6. Don't buy something that you dont' like! Wait for the 30 Birkin!
  7. Try it on - no harm, no foul. After that, if the shape doesn't work for you, pass on it. No need to settle. Different leathers give the HAC a different look, IMO so that's why it is worth a try. While it may be hard to come by box calf right now, I don't think that will be the case forever.
  8. dq, EH, and seton.. okay, I guess I'll take a peep tomorrow then just to see if I like the HAC or not. It never hurts to just LOOK isn't it? *wink*

    Rockerchic, I haven't check about the hardware, guess I'll find out tomorrow. I have a 35 and I love the size. It is such a different feel from the 30, and although I'm tiny (5"2) I love the 35.
  9. Oopps, must be posting at the same time as hello and AuthenticLux. Yup, I made up my mind to just go and see what the HAC looks like.
    No harm in looking.
  10. NO harm in trying it out and see how you like it.

    And if you find that you do like it, you may want to keep both the HAC and 30cm togo. I've got 4 black birkins - but I CAN justify it - they're all difference sizes, leather/skins and hardware! :graucho::graucho:
  11. Definitely try! You might really "ding ding" with the bag. I know I sure did, LOL! Once you have seen it IRL you will be able to decide how to proceed.
  12. ^^you are so funny AAB. Surely there are more combos yet to try, as well, LOL:p
  13. sarahcantiik: let us know the outcome of the HAC Birkin!
  14. You can definately do more than one black bag but I think if you're not fond of the HAC then you should wait for the Birkin. If you have the opportunity to try it before you buy it, jump on it because you just MAY hear bells ringing once you have that baby in your hands!!!
  15. I have the same feelings/doubts/uncertainties that you do about the HAC but I say buy it.