HELP! TKO Notice/ebay pulled my SOLD listing!!!!

  1. I'm so furious got this today from eBay and not sure what it means. Can someone please explain? Was it the buyer of the auction that caused this? :confused1: What a nightmare as I was going to use this payment for medical bills and now it won't be coming I guess. AND since they pulled my whole listing, all my pictures and everything are gone!!!! I have to redo the entire listing again. :crybaby:

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    We have temporarily suspended the bidding account and we are working with the account owner to prevent any additional unauthorized activity. Since the account owner did not initiate these bids, fees resulting from the listings in question have been credited to your account.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to automatically relist these items for you. Instead, to relist these items you will need to start from the beginning of the listing process, either through the "Sell Your Item" process or through your third party listing service. We know that this is an inconvenience and we apologize for the negative impact it may cause you. We are working on tools to allow you to relist your items without starting from the beginning, but they are not available at this time.

    Do not respond to this email, as your reply will not be received. If there are issues that have not been addressed by this message, you can contact us by clicking the "Help" link located at the top of most eBay pages and selecting "Contact Us" from the menu on the left hand side of the page.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  2. Yes, it sounds like the buyer's account was stolen and they were not the one doing the bidding.
  3. Yes, that's what it sounds like. I suppose the person who won the auction's account was compromised. A few of mine accidentally got pulled before and sometimes within a few days you can access the old information to repost it. But if you want to sell it again more quickly, you might have to rewrite it :sad:
  4. Try using You can list from there, save money on listing fees, free pictures. It also saves your listings so if they are puled, you can relist right away without rewriting it and uploading the pictures again..
  5. Also check your seller account to make sure that you have been credited the final value fees. They don't always automatically credit you.
    Also I would also mention why you are re-listing, just so you aren't bombarded with the same question over & over again.
    Did you save the listing as a template?
  6. Yes afraid the item wasn't purchased by a legitimate buyer. I get these all the time it is so annoying & yes eBay remove the total listing so you have to start from scratch. It is a nightmare & please do check your account I have had 4 of these in the last 2 weeks & no credit for fees yet!
  7. I just can't understand why people steal. Guess I just live a sheltered life.
  8. It's such a pain & I have had it happen twice recently. You have to actually call ebay and speak to someone to have the fees credited.
  9. It will also pull listings if you paypal account isnt verified or linked to you auction..
  10. I had this happen too- unfortunately ebay does not automatically credit back your final value fees I had to send an email asking for the credit.:sad:
  11. Yep this is a scam that has been going around. Although I don't quite understand how the person who stole access to the account is benefiting? Unless they also stole access to the users Paypal account? Does Ebay list full bank account information in users account?
  12. What a pain!
  13. Yes this definitely sucks! It has been getting worse. I received THREE of these during the last week alone. I complained to my Ebay account manager and she gave me a cookie cutter PR-department-delivered response:

    "As for the prevention of account takeovers, we do try everything we can to educate our members about spoof and spam emails so that they will not respond, thereby compromising their eBay accounts, which leads to items ended prematurely. Using buyer blocks can help prevent some of this from happening, as can other measures such as requiring immediate payment on some or all of your listings, perhaps the more expensive ones."