Help/tips for using GHD styler

  1. I love my styler, but I'm having problems doing my hair other that straightening it. I'm beginning to think my hair is too long (mid back, past bra strap) to benefit much from the volumized style and I can't even begin to create curls.

    Sephora was out of the Creation Spray yesterday, so I'm just gonna wait to pick it up when I go home to AZ for the Superbowl. I'm hoping that will help.

    In the meantime, can anyone give some tips on using the styler? Does it get easier the more you practice? Should I watch some You Tube vids?? I watched a few, but everyone moves so quickly throughout their styling its kinda hard to learn. I'm hoping you ladies can help, it was the reviews on this site that motivated me to buy the GHD!!

  2. my hair is past my bra strap too and I use the styler to curl my hair ALL THE TIME!!! I wish I could explain it to you without confusing you more! I say watch the You tube tutorials. How they curl it is exactly the way I do it. BTW, I have never used the creation spray and my curls come out awesome and pretty much stays curled until I wash it.
  3. Can you go in to a Sephora store to ask someone to demonstrate for you? Maybe you could ask them to give you a lesson and you can watch in the mirror. They could curl half of your hair and have you replicate it on the other half?
  4. It does take practice. When I first started to curl I failed more often than I succeeded. But then one day (after lots of practice) I just hit this aha! moment and I've been curling wonderfully with the styler ever since.

    Don't give up, you'll get it! (and the creation spray does help):smile:
  5. I'm having the same problem :sad: I'm frustrated because i'd love to change up my style! Didn't know there were youtube vids! I'm def gonna be studying those!
  6. Your hair looks great!!

    And if I must say, you've got a great bod!!
  7. That's how I curl my hair for an everyday look. Afterwards I bend over and scrunch my hair a little to loosen up the curls more. It looks really natural and sexy. :yes:
  8. I think the hardest part for me to understand was that I couldn't curl from anywhere near the root....I have long hair too and I have to be more than half way down my hair length and then twist my wrist and keep doing "straight" down. It's confusing. I'm a righty and I do better on the left side of my head sometimes, compared to my right.
  9. Looks great! I knew you'd get it. Awesome ;)
  10. great job!!! It does look natural and not overly "done". The more you do it the better you'll get at the "done" look (tighter curls)
  11. Why thank you!! I am getting better at the tighter curls where I start close to the root too. The hardest part is remembering not to close it too tightly and tightly holding up the end of the section you are curling. I usually flip up side down and shake them out, then apply some Tigi After Party. So glad I bought the GHD!! People were telling me the T3 and Sedu were just as good, but I am so impressed.
  12. does anyone know any other brands that will do the work like the creation spray?
  13. Your picture was beautiful, but not suited for the forum. Just remember that there are young kids on here and this is open for anyone to see. I wouldn't want anyone to abuse a picture of you.
  14. Lol i know what u mean! Sometimes I can't get the curls on both sides to balance out right
  15. Sorry I didn't think my back was a big deal! Won't happen again.