Help!!! Time is running out!

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  1. Hi! Please help.

    I want to treat myself to a new bag for my 40th in June. The choice is between an Oak Bayswater or Roxanne, only I can't decide. I have a toddler so need a bag that I can use for work and play. I don't know which ones ages better. My worry is that I will get a bit fed up with all the straps on the Roxanne although I like the overall shape of the bag and the pockets. With the Bayswater I like the simplicity but am not sure it can be used as a casual bag. I also want a bag that I can use when travelling. Help! You see I'm rambling...I wish someone could just make the decision for me.

  2. Hi Kim
    You really need to try both to see which you prefer but in my opinion both can be causal or smart - particularly in oak. The bays is probably easier to use but they are both gorgeous and it will be a difficult decision. Good luck with what you decide on and don't forget to do a reveal us.
  3. I'd go for the bays, it's perfect for both formal and casual don't worry about that, easier to get in an out of and not that fiddly. I love the simplicity of it!

    But that's just me, I'm more of a bays girl :P

    But if you could try them on, as Blue suggests, I think that would help make up your mind.

    Good luck :smile:
  4. Hi there congrats on your forthcoming birthday - youngster- I have both but would recommend the classic bays- easier to use in general and not quite as heavy as the roxy when loaded- both are gorgeous so you cant go wrong but I use my bays far more than roxys
  5. oooh they are both gorgeous. Also reading your requirements, I would add the Alexa to your list of things to try, as it has the messenger handle, is big enough for all your needs, and would be much lighter than Roxy.

    I would spend a lovely day trying them all out and choose your perfect one! ;)
  6. I would go for the bays, but then I am a bit biased! I think an oak bays would look great casual, and I think its slightly more comfortable on the shoulder than a roxanne.
  7. ITA with chloe, I would consider Alexa as well.....didn't make it any easier, did we?
  8. Hi, i have a bays, a roxy and a toddler!
    What a dificult decision.......... both bags imo can be worn smart or casual.
    The downside of Roxy is that it is fiddley and a little heavy and also has short handles which makes it difficult to keep on the shoulder.
    Bays is lighter but also has shortish handles so fits nicely on the shoulder without a coat but is a tighter fit with a coat.
    Both bags are gorgeous in oak but i use my choc bays a lot more as the colour doesn't mark.
    I wish though that i had bought a Roxanne in choc instead of oak as i think i would have used it more.
    I also agree with the other suggestion of Alexa, the regular is quite small so the o/s would be perfect. Personally i don't like the leather on the oak Alexa's but the ink buffalo is really lovely.
    I would suggest going to a shop that stocks all three and really try them out properly. Take all your stuff with you, take the stuffing out and put your things inside then she which one feels best.
    What a fab treat for your 40th, have fun deciding!
    How about all three :graucho:
  9. mmmm tough! go for the roxy :smile:
  10. I would go for the Bays or Alexa!
  11. Hi! Ladies

    Thanks for your comments. Going to Westfield tomorrow so I'll check out the Bays and Alexa! I'll let you know what I have decided. Shopaholicmum - All three sounds mightly tempting...although I think my husband would divorce me;)

  12. Have fun tomorrow - although be warned, mulberries are highly addictive! :nuts:
  13. Happy shopping tomorrow. Let us know how you get on, and which one steals your heart the most! :biggrin:
  14. Hi Shaz, have a great time shopping!! I think both bayswater & roxanne in oak are established classics so either would be a great choice. The alexa is new but also set to be a classic I reckon. So tough choice!

    I think I would go for the roxanne myself, as it's a bit more edgy & also the fact Mulberry are planning to stop producing them now would be a good time! The others will be around longer. But get the one you love - & make sure you tell us all about your shopping trip & do a reveal :biggrin:
  15. Hi! Dragged my hubby along to Westfield! I have decided on Oak Bayswater and Oak/Choc Roxanne. I didn't really bond with the Alexa. I like the colours but not that keen on the leather. So just need to decide Oak or Choc for the Roxanne but I am definately getting both...was only supposed to be getting one...but what the hell!:nuts:Hope you ladies had a good day!