1. Has anyone experienced this with their classic flap?!!

    I opened my classic flap this morning and realized one of the threads popped out on one side that holds the flap together. This is the dark red from the 17B fall 2017 collection. I haven't had this bag for a full month yet and this already happened (you can imagine how shocked and disappointed I am:-s)

    I will definitely be brininging back to Chanel to see what they can do. Has anyone experienced this with their classic flap? If so, please share your experience, how did Chanel handle this? Was the repair experience successful??

    PS. in the third and fourth photo you can see the one that has popped only has 1 thread remaining whereas on the side that hasn't popped there's 3 threads.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. This can happen if you use the hidden slot often. Just bring it back to the boutique and they can restitch it for free in the first year of purchase. It's called the "simple stitch" repair and takes about 4 to 6 weeks.
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  3. Yes, it happened to my black jumbo after a month as well. Except the entire thread popped so the back has no stitching anymore I was told I have to send mine to Saks since I bought it from another state. And it'll take a few weeks.
  4. Hello Chanel923 thank you for your reply! I've never experienced this before however when I first bought the bag I thought this might cause problems down the road (did not think it would happen so soon) so I never used the back pocket. Have you had any experience with Chanel sending off repair items?
  5. It's unbelievable that these things would happen only within a month, you would think these are lifetime investments!! So sorry to hear that!! Were they able to fix it up for you? Please share your experience. I'm on my way to Chanel as we speak my SA said its a simple fix, fingers crossed they don't need to ship it off, I do love this bag :doh:
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  6. I don't have a Saks in my state so I brought it to the Chanel inside my local NM. she said she couldn't help me since I didn't buy it from a NM. My SA from Saks also just quit at the time so I wasn't comfortable sending it to saks when I didn't have any SAs :sad: my stitch is still popped to this day haha.
  7. Chanel will fix that for free. Those stitches popping is a common thing and an easy fix. Just take it in.

    nashpoo - do you have a Chanel boutique near you? You don't need to take to Saks.
  8. Yes, the same thing happened to my beige Claire M/L flap bought from Paris after 3 months of purchase. I took the bag to my regular boutique and they had it fix within 6 weeks. Just bring in your receipt and authen card but do not leave the card with them. They will give you a claim paper for the repair. When you pick up your re-stitch bag always make sure your card matches the sticker inside your bag. I would just take some pics of your bag inside boutique before you handover your bag to them. Per SA the simple stitch repairs are sent out to their contracted local repairers and these type of repairs are very common.
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  9. Nope! the only Chanel close by is inside Neiman marcus. The manager at Chanel basically refused to take it in for repair haha. I also have Chanel inside Norsdstrom but I never brought it in.
  10. Haha you are so brave, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep knowing I have a popped stitch on my chanel, it would drive me crazy:biggrin: Are you still using the bag though?
  11. Still using it I think I'm more nervous to part with it for a while without knowing it's being taken care of my by sa haha
  12. that is 100% exactly what happened thank you so much!! Did your repair come back fully fixed?
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  13. Yes, it did. I'm glad I was able to guide you through this.
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