help! thoughts on buying the same bag but in different sizes

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  1. hey ladies,
    i already have a caviar square mini white CF with SHW (pic included). She's a 5 series bag and looks brand new! would it be too crazy to want a caviar m/l with SHW as well??? any of you have the same bag but in different sizes?? does the white eventually get that yellowish discoloration even though u are very careful with it? i read somewhere the yellow is from exposure to heat (like in the sun), but just wanted to hear some opinions from owners of white caviar. fyi, i am NOT afraid to use light colored bags. i also have a m/l lambskin beige clair, figure that's about as delicate as you can get (next to white lambskin) :lol:

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  2. Absolutely and perfectly alright to have the same bag in different sizes. I have the jumbo, medium and mini all in black caviar. The only difference is mini has shw otherwise, they are all the same.
  3. absolutely on something you love, timeless and know will continue to want over time. it doesn't happen all the time, but when I come across shoes that met EXACTLY what I look for, comfortable, and know will stand the test of time (goes with everything type) that is hard to find, I buy multiple pairs of EXACTLY the same pair even in same color - always glad I did too.
  4. I own exact same combo and color in different sizes... God for it if you love it and make you happy!! :smile:
  5. I do try to switch up HW & different size/leather combos for my black flap But I look at the different size flaps as different bags if that makes sense. They hold different amounts and have different uses.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with it if it's what you love and you know you will use both.
  6. Perfectly fine - if you love it and it works for you, just run with it! :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies!!! There are so many Chanels I want!! If money grew on trees
  8. I will share the m/l if I decide to go for it
  9. Haha I have black classic flaps in mini, m/l and jumbo.. As long as you love them and use them all, there's nothing wrong with it.;) just enjoy all of them!
  10. I BOUGHT IT!!! But also decided to sell the square mini, I think I will eventually get a black square mini in the future. Thanks for all your thoughts ladies!!
  11. Congrats! Enjoy the beauty!

  12. I can't comment on white caviar, but I think you can definitely have the same bag in different sizes! For example, my fave Chanel combo is black caviar with gold hardware. I have that combo in the M/L, Jumbo, & Maxi classic flaps. If you love the white caviar with Silver hardware, go for it in another size! I am perfectly content having the same combo in 3 different sizes since they each serve a different purpose for me. Good Luck!
  13. I absolutely agree with the above.
  14. I think it is worth it IF the bags you are buying are in neutral colors. Since they tend to match more with clothing styles.

    Seeing as it is white, I think it is acceptable and not too crazy.