Help~ Those who have bought CLs from rodeodrivefasionista

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  1. Hi Ladies - I need some help/advise from those of you who have bought CLs from rodeodrivefashionista. They had a pair of my HGs, and I noticed that they accept CC in addition to PayPal. I sent them a question on Wednesday asking about the item and how that secure cc payment works, and never got a response back. Since the item was ending, I did a BIN this morning, and selected credit card payment (I've heard a lot of bad things about PayPal lately and wanted to try to avoid using them), but when I went to pay, there was no link or way to put in my cc number. I've emailed the seller and asked how I can pay and where to go, and have yet to get a response back. It's only been about 12 hours, but they have a 24 hour payment policy, and I'm afraid of 1) the seller marking me as a non paying buyer, and 2) losing the CLs. I know the seller has a 100% feedback, but the complete lack of communication is worrying me. Have any of you bought from them before (and used the cc payment)? And advise would be appreciated. TIA!

    mods - I hope this is ok to ask - please feel free to delete if it's not.
  2. why can't you use paypal?
  3. the CC payment will be through google checkout, most likely.

    don't worry she will probably send you a google invoice. i would not worry too much, she is an excellent seller.
  4. you've contacted her so she is (or will become) aware of your payment choice. i wouldn't worry, she is extremely reputable and trustworthy :smile:
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    Two reasons - I've had issues with them lately, and have read about them messing up accounts a lot lately, and I also have a $500 withdrawl limit (I only have a basic account since I don't buy much and never sell) and had no idea if that had any bearing on a BIN - the CLs were more than that. I tried searching google to see if I could find any correlation and was unable to do so. So, I wanted to play it safe (or so I thought) to avoid losing them.
  6. ^^^ ohhh ic. Makes sense. :smile:

    I agree with the others. She is extremely reputable.

    Can't wait for you to get them!
  7. Thanks Carlinha, naked, and Sara - I know she's reputable but it seems so strange to not hear anything back. I know I'm probably being paranoid but I've had a similar pair slip away from me before and I really don't want to lose these.
  8. With withdrawal, I was under the impression that, that is the amount that you can actually withdraw from the ATM. However, you should also have a spending limit, which is different from withdrawal. Just wanted to tell you that for future references. I know you don't want to use paypal.
  9. Thanks! I'll use PP if I have to (i.e. if the seller only accepts it). I tried to do some searching but PP help is seriously not helpful and doesn't have much info. I couldn't find a sending limit on my account, only a withdrawal. This is great info though, much appreciated!
  10. Can't you attach your CC to paypal and pay from that?
  11. Hmmm, I wonder is the spending limit only because I have a business account with a virtual terminal. At any rate, I don't think your purchase would have been affected.

    You do know that you can request to increase that limit, right?
  12. RDF is a very reputable seller. She is extremely honest and nice. I have bought a couple pairs from her and she has always been helpful. I have always used paypal not just with her but for all my transactions on Ebay.

    Maybe you need to link your paypal account with a bank account in order for them to remove your spending limit. if you do this you won't have to worry about spending limits, and you will be able to spend as much money as you have in the bank account. HTH
  13. I have a bank account linked and still have a spending limit, although it is an extremely high one.
  14. Maybe she is away for the weekend . I am sure she will get back to you and you will get your shoes :hugs:
  15. ^^ I totally agree with Sobe.
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