HELP......those w/ IF Quilty Pleasures Carina Hobo

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  1. I'm new to the forum and I was hoping that you all could help me out. Is this what the inside of your bag looks like? [​IMG] It looks kind of cheapy or maybe its just not a good pic. I've been wanting this bag for a while now and I'm not that sure if I should even get b/c there are a lot of other cutier bags that I want.

    here is another pic:
  2. Yes that is real. I'm picking up the white one tonight. I had it sent to my oregon condo so I wouldn't have to pay NM tax.
  3. Good thinking! :biggrin:

    Did you ever end up getting one of the older style leather brown ones that you had wanted?
  4. it is on its way. i bought it from the guy who posted here on the purse forum. I think the store was called the purse store. I'm not sure about this white one. we just arrived and the first thing i did was open my awaiting box. it's beautiful but very white. I'll think about it for a few days and then list it on ebay if I change my mind. I think my summer bag will be the gaucho tote in cream and my roxanne in pink which is really carmel colored.
  5. I was wondering about that...from what I can gather, there is a pearlized white leather, and a regular white leather that this bag was made in for this season. Is the regular white one a limited edition? I saw an auction that said it was...but you know how that goes. :amuse:
  6. That was my concern too.
    What little research I've done regarding the white vrs. pearl is this:
    I think Niemans has this bag exclusively - In white. (unless it was Saks, one of the two.) ebay has them too - but don't now where they get theres.
    Well you know Isabella makes her bags in various colors and distributes them all over the place, Anyway the VERY popular website that carries the line in hawaii w/ a large selection shows it in the Pearl you are talking about.
    So after researching as many places I could that had QUILTY Pleasures they were the only ones you could pre-order it in Pearl. Arriving Mid-March. I was told from ICE ACCESSORIES BOUTIQUE, It is the best place to shop for her line. They also told me she does a limited additon of 300-350 each bag, I don't know to believe that applies to all.
    I Want to order this bag NOT IN WHITE, But in Pearl so bad but had the same concern as you. I WANT THE PEARL!!!! AND THE BROWN!!!(Shown on check it out.
    These are not facts, just research I have done. IF I am wrong about any of this please let me know. good luck!
    ps I BOUGHT 2 FIORE BAGS TODAY!! "Stud Muffin" Carina in Bone and Carina in Caramel/Tan Hobo.
  7. i have met a woman through ebay that sells IF bags below retail. I bought 2 from her and she is very trustworthy. she has both the white and the pearlized. she sells for about $50-100 less than retail. i have the white and it is very white but beautiful.