Help this poor asian face look for a pair of HOT sunglasses!!!!

  1. OMG I have the asian problem!!! My nose is flat, my face is flat... ugh!! And I simply cannot find a pair of perfect plastic frames. If any ladies have any recommendations on which frames I should get, that would be GREAT HELP!!!

    Does anyone know a pair of plastic Gucci's that would fit a flat nose!??! LOL....

  2. Omg.. We have the same problem! I find that fendi fits me well.. I have a pair of guccis that don't fit as well... I think pairs with the rubber nose thingys sit on my nose hold up pretty good.. I always have to try on like a million pairs! Sorry if this isn't any help.
  3. LOL. I have the same problem. If you live in San Diego I can help... I work in the sunglass department at Nordstrom :woohoo:

    The trick with plastic frames is to get a frame that is as flat as possible. You want as little curvature in the frame as possible. This way it will sit on your bridge and not your cheeks. Try Gucci GG2598/s or GG2599/s. Also some vendors make sunglasses especially for the asian customer. Generally the style number will include f/s at the end of it. Fendi does this and they fit great.

    Or get a frameless or wire sunglass with nose pieces. They are adjustable.

    I hope that helps ;)
  4. I came across the same problem when I was looking for a pair of sunglasses a few years back. I loved the way the gucci sunglasses looked but they never fit right. Then I tried on a pair of plastic framed chanels and fell in love. They're soooo comfy, they feel even better than my wire-rimmed, nose-pieced prescription glasses. I didn't need to add a nose piece or anything. Some dior frames also fit quite well but after my experience I'll never buy anything but chanel frames again. If you're dead set on guccis, you can go to an actual prescription glasses store they can attach nose-pieces so that they frames stay on better but then the warranty is nulled. Hope that helps.
  5. You know your sunglasses!!:biggrin:While I don't have the typical asian nose (I'm asian) I have the GG2598 and love them. I also have problems with finding sunglasses cuz I have a big fat face. I can't even put most sunglasses on my face cuz of my big head LOL..I was told also to find glasses that have little curvature in the frame. Get the GG2598 you'll love them!!!
  6. OMGGG TPFERS, thanks for all ur comments and posts!!!!!! And traciubante, thanks alot for ur advice...!!!! I went sunglass shopping today and here are some great pairs that I fully recommend for an asian face:

    1. Chanel 5143 - fits amazing!! and a true classic piece
    2. Burberry 4033 - they're more stylish and trendy - there's even a black that has a white stripe around it!!! so much like chanel!!!
    3. Gucci 3059 - which is alot similar to the 2599 suggested above... it fits great but I didn't like the shape too much
    4. Gucci 3033 - they're a bit funky and that''s why I didn't end up with these... but they fit great bcuz they're flat, so it actually stays on my nose!
    5. Burberry 4039 - Classic chunky rectangle... and it's flat again so it fits the face nicely
    6. Ralph Lauren 8044

    I've been searching for sunglasses for a total of 4 days now, bombarding every sunglass store and trying on everything, and these are my best picks for plastic frames!!! I hope this list here will help people out there who are facing the same problem as me!! LOL I'm just so relieved that I am finally DONE sunglass shopping.

    Thanks ladies for all the help as well!!! :smile:
  7. Jools3,
    Where did you buy your Chanel sunglasses? I tried to find chanel 5143 online...but no luck :sad: I would love to find out where I can buy it.
  8. i live in san diego, when i go sunglass shopping i'll be sure to stop by! i hope you'll be there to help! :smile:
  9. I have this same problem and went sunglass shopping at Saks last weekend and found the perfect pair that fits comfortably and doesn't rest on my cheeks! Roberto Cavalli RC332S in gunmetal/smoke. Love them!!
  10. I am Asian and also have a hard time finding frames that fit! :cursing:

    Louis Vuitton has their own line of sunglasses for "Eastern" faces. I was shocked when I tried a pair on and they fit! They didn't smush my cheeks when I smiled, nor did they slide down my nose, librarian style. I was even more shocked when my husband surprised me with a pair! Whoo hoo! (I think he was tired of hearing me whine about sunglasses not fitting properly. He doesn't know how lucky he is to have a "Western" face. LOL!)
  11. i've had gucci sunglasses and they didn't fit well. i am asian..and sadly have a flat nose..arghhh i hate it. and i make my eyelashes i needed a sunglasses that didn't touch my eyelashes everytime i blink. the only sunglasses that worked..sorry gucci*still my fav brand*.. is Louis Vuitton Desmayo Cat Eye. i had to bent the plastic piece alittle bit. now it fits pefectly!
  12. I am asian and I love the plastic framed, oversized sunglasses. Try Asian Fit Oakleys under the Lifestyle section of Asian Fit Sunglasses at the website (I'm in Canada so I use and the customer service is excellent). These are not the sporty sunglasses that Oakley is famous for, these are quite stylish! The Script sunglasses are amazing and I get tons of compliments on them. No nosepieces or adaptations required. Check them out, you'll almost be sorry you did because it's so addicting buying sunglasses you know will fit!! Have fun, and good luck!!
  13. hi everyone i'd like to bump this thread.. does anyone know where to get aviators to fit an asian face? the classic ray bans are too big for my face. :sad:
  14. oh my goodness that's a lot of detailed research =) Thanks for the list!!