Help! This is my first CL purcase

  1. This is my first CL purchase. I wear a 10 in non-designer shoes. I measured my feet and my length is 10 inches and width is 3-1/2. I asked for the insole measurement and width which the buyer advised is 10 1-/2 and 3 inch width. This is the Josephine and now i'm wondering if it will fit my feet. i don't mind that I will need to stretch?
    I guess I'm second guessing myself about the purchase:confused1:
  2. What style is it? Depending on the style of the particular shoe, it will determine the fit.
  3. Josephine, THanks
  4. Do you happen to have a pic of the shoe?
  5. Sorry do you have a pic I don't know that style.
  6. If its suede then it should stretch. typically the josephine requires 1/2 - 1 full size up mainly for the toe box area. from my experience with this style if you get it a bit snug its harder to get the foot in but once it is its quite comfy in suede. If you do end up getting it you can always have it professionally stretched.
  7. attaching picture
  8. YEs it is suede. here is a picutre