Help this hubby decide for wifey

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I really need some opinions here. My wife's birthday is coming and I want to really surprise her. She already has the Denim pleaty (barely touched "too cute to carry...") and the daily driver - Batignole bag (spelling)...oh and a very nice monogram wallet--don't know the name though. Anyway...

    Last time we were in the LV store - she picked up that almost $4k Suhali bag and said...hmmmmmm and gave me that damn girls know it and use it all the time on-shame on you.;) :nuts: :yes:

    Now, I ain't rich and I ain't poor but I'd really like to get her this for her bday:

    eBay: Auth Louis Vuitton Suhali Le Fabuleux Blue hand Bag LV (item 220053711259 end time Dec-03-06 09:26:22 PST)

    So my question is a used bag--LAME...and no, I am not judging anyone or saying anything like that...I buy used cars, watches and other high end goods all the for me, as a guy, used AKA pre-owned is fine. :smile:

    My dilemma is that my wife is going to think I'm cheap...which I can be but I usally won't skimp on certain things--you know, the finer things...but this bag does looks like a fairly reasonable deal. And almost 4k for the real one...yikes er ouch!

    please help a guy out...and give me your thoughts.

    thank you all:s
  2. Well, i most certainly wouldn't think you were 'cheap' if you spent that much on me! lol:wlae:
    She's a very lucky lady if she gets this for her birthday.:yes:

    As for authenticity, i don't know anything about this particular bag..maybe someone else will be able to help?

    I'm wondering if there's another bag you will be able to get new, in store, for less money - which will come with a guarantee and she can return it if she doesn't like it?
    It's a lot of money to spend on ebay, IMO.

    Welcome to tPF by the way!:smile:
  3. Right. The seller is legit based on my searches both here on the forum and on the bay...what is the policy on returning new bags back to the lv store?...I never really thought of that...but then again, I can't swing the $4k for the NEW Suhali that I think she really wants...that's why I'm wanting everyone's opinion on getting the used one...

    thanks for the help:smile:
  4. The seller only sells aythentic ( I have purchased 4 items) and in good shape bags! I would do it! What a Great Husband! Snatch that bag before it is GONE!:yahoo:
  5. I agree! GET IT! let-trade is definitely very reliable, we all love him here. And the bag itself looks really good, definitely a good deal. As long as she likes the color, that's fine - does she like blue?

    btw, you can get it cheaper off his website - - for $2130 shipped, just fyi
  6. Oooo...thanks for that website recommendation...and yes, she loves (luvluvluvluvluvluvluv's) Blue....

    Let me add another question if I may. I am assuming that only with this bag---USED is okay....are there some bags (given as a gift) that would be viewed as lame if they were pre-owned?

    For example, how many of you would like a nice pre-owned Speedy in your Christmas stocking or for your birthday or whatever....

    It's just that getting someone else's USED handbag would strike me as wierd...or maybe I am just thinking too much.

    So far none of you would have a problem getting a used bag for your birthday?

    Or getting the bag in question for your birthday...I hope this is making sense.

    Thank you all for your help!
  7. Yes, I would say go for it if she does not mind used pieces. If she likes her bags new and in gift wrapped from LV, then pass it up and get something more in line with the price your willing to pay for a bag.

    I guess I'd say ok for a used piece if it was a used piece I picked out, bid on and won.

    I would NOT be happy with a used speedy in my stocking...yes, lame. The bag your looking at isn't in many budgets. I think if your shopping in that budget, buy new.

    Play big or stay at home on this one. Now on the thoughtful husband side...your batting a million! She is a lucky woman.
  8. I love that thinking...that line just might sum it up for me. I might just go with something new then from that seller. And yes, she is a lucky woman--but I am truly the lucky one. She gives so much yet asks for so little. I am really blessed.

    Thank you DL!
  9. My hunch says she wouldn't mind the used bag...but I don't want to make a $2k mistake...She doesn't necessarily have to have all the bags and tags and bows from LV...but for the $2k princely sum I'm about to spend--I should probably go new. big or stay at home....SWEET! ;)
  10. I'm curious to know which one, or which bag tech ended up I was reading this thread I was thinking it's so romantic and thoughful for a DH to put so much thought into his wifes present!!! aww...
  11. I did not feel comfortable about the idea of giving a preowned bag as a gift until I saw the eBay listing. Definitely, this bag is good as new, and the price is very fair.

    Do not feel uneasy about the apparent "discount". You must expect some kind of good deal when buying on eBay. Believe me, for $2200, you are not underpaying by much, as far as eBay prices are concerned for both brand new and near new bags of LV Suhali Le Fabuleur. Here is some recent eBay price information (I have been tracking them because once I was considering a similar bag.) The last brand new LV Le Fabuleur sold for $2700 (black), and near-new sold for $2150 (purple). The worst shape one (not sold yet) is asking for $1750. The above mentioned prices do not include those for replicas (a few of which were sold recently).

    In summary, I normally would recommend you to buy new, but considering this particular bag, I would say go for it. Right design bag, righ color, and right price.
  12. Good points. My logic at this point was:

    a) she loves this type of bag
    b) Any other bag and I definitely do NOT buy used i.e. MC Speedy/Cherise
    c) She already has that Batignolle H (latest stylejusthitthebotiquebag) and takes this bag everywhere along with the newest wallet
    d) has a denim pleaty (barely touched - sits on the shelf)
    e) she picked all of these out on various trips to store - her tastes

    Working from this, I wanted her to have a fairly nice bag for when we go out on the town...her current bags are more casual in nature and I wanted her to have something a little more "sophisticated"...the Suhali seem to fit that bill.

    Again, I'm just having a hard time with used pocketbook says--do it--good price!

    My gut says--she'll love it but don't spend 2k and find out the hard way.

    Hence, I came onto the forum to ask these questions. I can't ask her girlfriends--they'll know whats up...I can't ask my guy friends 'cause they'll say HUH?


    Thanks again for your help. I do appreciate everyone's comments.
  13. You are so sweet! i say go for the used.
  14. hey jill, tech is still looking and still on the proverbial fence! The good news is that he has plenty of time on his side to find the perfect bag.:yes:
  15. I still would opt for the Used bag on Let-trade. It is a savings of 2K! I agree that the other bags (i.e., speedy) should be purchased new if able. Good luck with your quest...and she is a lucky lady:yes: ....what a great hubby!